‘When Calls The Heart’ Spoilers: Lucas Bouchard Begins His Pursuit

When Calls The Heart spoilers indicate Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) begins pursuing Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow). But, is Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) completely out of the picture? Also, Lee Coulter’s (Kavan Smith) niece, Rachel Thom (Jennifer Laporte), finds herself in a spot of trouble.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers: Lucas Bouchard Sets His Cap

When Calls The Heart spoilers show Lucas Bouchard pay court to Elizabeth in the upcoming episode. Last week, Elizabeth confided to him that she told Nathan she was unable to date him. Lucas will surprise her with an early morning invite for a “brisk morning ride.” But his pursuit doesn’t end there.

Elizabeth Thornton and Lucas are shown talking on the bridge. Lucas Bouchard mentions skipping the graduation ceremony at the school. He reasons that Nathan Grant would have difficulty seeing him and Elizabeth together after she refused to continue seeing Nathan on the previous episode of When Calls The Heart on Hallmark. Lucas said he didn’t want to take anything away from Nathan and Allie Grant’s (Jaeda Lily Miller) happiness.

Besides, Lucas says he will have Elizabeth all to himself at dinner. Elizabeth recognizes his thoughtfulness and consideration for Nathan Grant and Allie. She returns Lucas Bouchard’s smile and says she’s looking forward to dinner. Smoldering looks are exchanged between them before they both break eye contact, and the moment is broken on When Calls The Heart.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

WCTH: Nathan Grant Still Hopeful

Nathan Grant, Hope Valley Constable on When Calls The Heart, still looks after Elizabeth Thornton, spoilers show. Nathan recently laid his heart bare and blurted out that he loved Elizabeth. She seemed incapable of speech and ran away from him. Nathan stood in the road, watching her ride away.

The preview for the next episode of When Calls The Heart shows Nathan knocking at Elizabeth Thornton’s door. It’s nighttime when she opens the door to Nathan, which caused fans to speculate that this impromptu visit occurs after her dinner date with Lucas Bouchard. Nathan mentions he got her note.

Nathan Grant asks Elizabeth Thornton what’s wrong. The When Calls The Heart preview does not show a reply, but fans ventured a guess that perhaps Allie wrote the note or got someone to write it for her. Perhaps the note is a matchmaking attempt by Nathan’s niece? Some fans think so.

When Calls The Heart: Lee Coulter - Kavan Smith

When Calls The Heart: Lee’s Niece is in Trouble

Lee’s sister Susannah Thom (Shauna Johannesen) and her daughter Rachel come to Hope Valley for a short visit. Rosemary Coulter manages to secure a job for Rachel in the dress shop on When Calls The Heart. Much to Susannah’s consternation when she sees Rachel wearing a pants suit. Lee’s sister hurts both Rachel and Rosemary’s feelings when she makes Rachel change.

Susannah has a change of heart concerning Rachel and asks Lee and Rosemary Coulter to take Rachel in. Susannah said she’d like to get Rachel out of the city of Bellingham. Lee Coulter seems surprised when Rosemary instantly agrees to have Rachel live with them. But things take a sudden turn for the worse in the preview for the next episode of When Calls The Heart.

The word around town is that the dress shop is up for sale, and Rachel worries that she’ll have to go back to Bellingham. Rosemary and Lee Coulter discuss how sheltered she’s been. It seems Rachel may be trying to run off. Lee and Rosemary each think Rachel is with the other. But the Hallmark When Calls The Heart preview shows Rachel along the road in the dark, with a car’s headlights shining on her. Hopefully, all is well in the Coulter household.

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