‘When Calls the Heart’: Daniel Lissing’s New Girlfriend Revealed

When Calls the Heart fans have been upset since they found out that Daniel Lissing was leaving the show. They decided to kill off his character Jack Thornton when he decided it was time to move on from the show. Now, Daniel Lissing is sharing that he has found a girlfriend. He has finally decided to share the details.

When Calls the Heart star Daniel Lissing’s love life

About a month ago, Daniel Lissing shared that he had a girlfriend. At the time, he didn’t say who it was or explain anything about them, though. It just sounded like he was happy. Back then, Daniel said “We talked about it, the whole social media thing, and where that fits into, where’s the personal life and career life and all that. She’s completely cool with it. I’m the one that’s a little like I’m not sure.”

It seems like things have changed because Daniel Lissing of When Calls the Heart is now sharing who the special girl in his life is and a bit about her. Today he finally shared the details. The fans have been waiting to find out who the girl is that was lucky enough to win him over.

Daniel shares her identity

Daniel Lissing is now sharing the identity of his girlfriend. He went to his Instagram page and shared a picture that has her tagged in it.  The only thing he posted with it was the hashtag summer. Her name is Nadia and she also posted a picture of the couple kissing on her page. It looks like things are going great for them.

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It sounds like this photo of Daniel Lissing and Nadia was taken over the summer. That would mean that they have been together a while. He only shared about her a month ago. Now that Daniel has posted once hopefully he will continue to share about his girlfriend. Nadia actually shared about Daniel clear back in October on her Instagram. Nobody knew who she was to track down her page and find out that she was the one dating Daniel Lissing now.

Daniel moves on from When Calls the Heart

Daniel Lissing left When Calls the Heart last season. With Jack Thornton’s death, a lot of viewers said they were going to quit watching the show. It wouldn’t be surprising if they all continue to watch regardless, though. It is almost time for new episodes, which is going to be when Hallmark is able to see how the views on the show are this season.

When Calls the Heart will return in 2019 with new episodes. Don’t miss the big Christmas movie when it airs on Christmas Day on Hallmark. This will be viewers first chance to get to see Elizabeth Thornton pregnant and dealing with the loss of her husband.

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