‘When Calls the Heart’: Jack Wagner Returns in Christmas Special

When Calls the Heart spoilers with Jack Wagner are coming out for the Christmas special. One big thing that was revealed is that Jack Wagner is returning. Everyone loves him from General Hospital and can’t get enough of him. She Knows was able to get some great spoilers about this new special that will come out on Christmas Day 2018.

Spoilers for When Calls the Heart return and Jack Wagner

It was just revealed that Jack Wagner will be back again as Sheriff Bill Avery for Hallmark’s fourth Christmas special for When Calls the Heart. Jack has been on the show off and on, but he isn’t someone that is around all the time. This episode is set to air on Christmas Day on Hallmark. It is a one-time special for 2018, with the new season starting in 2019.

Jack Wagner shared on his Instagram that he was going to Vancouver. This is where they film When Calls the Heart so it is perfect that he would be heading there now. There is no word yet on how much he will be around when the new season comes back. His character is a great one but isn’t required to be there all the time for his storyline.

A group of orphans will end up stranded in Hope Valley on this When Calls the Heart Christmas special. Of course, they will want to make it a great holiday for everyone. Their caretakers are sisters and they have an interesting backstory. This should be a good preview for what to expect in the new season of When Calls the Heart when it starts airing in 2019.

What comes next for When Calls the Heart?

At the end of last season of When Calls the Heart, Jack had been killed off leaving Elizabeth a pregnant widow. There has been some talk about Elizabeth finding love again and it sounds like it could happen sooner rather than later. She is going to have a lot of support in Hope Valley through her pregnancy.

Someone new will have to come into Hope Valley for Elizabeth to find love. The fans were really upset when they went ahead and killed off Jack. It is going to take a very special man for Elizabeth to be interested in him because Jack is irreplaceable. A lot of viewers said they wouldn’t even watch without him, but more than likely they will come back again.

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