What Happened To Dante On ‘General Hospital’?

Fans are curious about what happened to Dante Falconeri on General Hospital. With Dominic Zamprogna’s character mentioned often, some viewers don’t remember what happened that sent him out of town. Why did Dante leave his family and where he is now? Certainly, his family’s heartbroken and feels he’s doing what’s best on GH. Catch up on Dante Falconeri, what happened and where he is now on the ABC sudser.

Dante Falconeri’s Undercover Mission On General Hospital

GH’s Dante Falconeri joined the WSB as an undercover agent last year to take down Raj Patel (Noshir Dalal). Because Raj once tried to kill Dante’s wife Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan). So, he hoped to ensure Lulu’s safety and bring the bad guy to justice. But, he was gone so long, he left Lulu essentially living life as a single mom on General Hospital.

So, she went to his father Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to bring him home. Then, Sonny found out from Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) that Dante Falconeri was in trouble. He was alone in Turkey without any help from the agency and completely on his own. So, Sonny and Robert went to Turkey to get Dante back home, on General Hospital.

Dante Suffers Severe PTSD On GH

On General Hospital, Dante Falconeri was in deep with Raj’s organization. He was without the WSB and struggling to get home on his own. No doubt, it was shocking to see Sonny and he had to treat him like a prisoner. In fact, he nearly killed his dad proving himself to Raj and shot him on General Hospital. But, it was just a flesh wound. Of course, he didn’t want to shoot his father.

Eventually, they were able to kill Raj and make it home to Port Charles safely. However, it didn’t end there for Dante Falconeri because of his severe trauma. Remember, he told Sonny he had to do and see awful things. Plus, they tortured and brainwashed him to complete the mission. No doubt, Raj wanted to be sure Dante Falconeri was fully on board with him on General Hospital.

Then, Dante couldn’t readjust to life back home. He had flashbacks and violent episodes. Plus, Lulu reeled when she saw the scars on her husband’s back from the torture. Of course, he had severe PTSD and needed help. So, Dante left to get help at a WSB facility. Of course, Lulu and the rest of the family are heartbroken that he is gone again, as General Hospital spoilers know.

General Hospital: Traumatized Dante Falconeri Shuts His Family Out

Recently on GH, Dante had a setback. Lulu’s BFF Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) tried to bring Dante home. Instead, Dante shot Peter August (Wes Ramsey). After that, the doctors felt they couldn’t help and transferred him to another facility. Then, he divorced Lulu. Of course, she was absolutely beside herself. On top of that, his mother Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) wrote him letters.

Recently, she just got them all back. Also, he didn’t open them and wrote a short note saying to stop writing him. Now, he is cutting himself off from everyone entirely. Surely, he thinks he’s protecting his family because he feels he is broken. But, they aren’t whole without him. Tune in to GH to see what’s next for Dante Falconeri and everyone that loves him on the ABC drama.

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