‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Isaac Plath Gets ‘The Talk’

Welcome to Plathville spoilers revealed that dad Barry Plath will try to give his thirteen year old son Isaac Plath “the talk.”  Fans of the show are dying to see what will happen.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: The Plath Family

The popular TLC show Welcome to Plathville followed the lives of the Plath family. Kim and Barry Plath have nine children and chose to raise them on a farm in rural Georgia. The parents allowed the children the freedom to roam the land and enjoy their childhood exploring and using their imagination.

What Barry Plath and his wife didn’t allow was technology. The kids never watched TV, listened to the radio, or used a cell phone. They weren’t allowed to use the internet, unless it was supervised and for educational purposes.

Barry and Kim Plath both regretted how they spent their college years and their behavior. So, they wanted to protect their children and keep them from having the same experiences. Barry Plath sheltered the kids from everything. Including other people, so the Welcome to Plathville siblings only had each other as friends.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath-Kim Plath-Micah Plath-Moriah Plath

Barry Plath Criticized by Children

Viewers of Welcome to Plathville watched as the eldest son, Ethan, explained to his friends that his mom, Kim Plath, gave him “the talk” on his wedding day. Ethan Plath was twenty years old at the time. And neither Barry or Kim Plath had told him anything about the topic before that day. Ethan laughed it off with his friends, but fans felt it was a great disservice.

On season two of Welcome to Plathville Micah and Moriah, who had recently been kicked out of the household at nineteen and seventeen, confronted their parents about their childhood. Both claimed that Kim and Barry Plath never talked to them about sex. Micah told Barry that he felt his parents didn’t prepare him for the real world. He questioned why Barry never brought up the topic during his childhood. Barry and Kim Plath blamed the pair and said that they didn’t like spending time with them, so the opportunity never came up. Micah pushed back and said the parents should have tried harder when they were younger. And that he wanted to see his father do better with the younger kids, especially Isaac.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Talks to Isaac

Welcome to Plathville spoilers said that Barry Plath took that conversation with Micah and Moriah to heart. And that Barry wanted to help the kids that were still at home. He wanted to  better prepare for them for the outside world and adulthood. In a clip from the next episode, Barry pulls Isaac aside. Viewers believe that Barry finally decided that it was time to broach the topic with Isaac Plath, since he was now thirteen.

Fans are surprised that the Welcome to Plathville father made the effort. And that they believe he will be awkward and botch the attempt. But viewers expressed that they can’t wait to see what happens. Will Barry Plath actually go through with it? And will it be too painful to watch?

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