‘Welcome to Plathville’: Moriah Plath Angry at Max Kallschmidt’s Prank

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath recently got tricked by boyfriend Max Kallschmidt and he said that she got angry over the prank.

Welcome to Plathville: Max Kallschmidt Pulls Off Prank

Recently Max Kallschmidt told fans that he’d lost a bet and had to pay the price. And the Welcome to Plathville boyfriend posted a video and said that, “this is what happens when you lose a bet.” Max aimed the camera at himself. And showed viewers his completely bald head. He had a glum expression on his face as he told his followers that he’d had to shave off all of his hair as a consequence of losing a bet. And that he wasn’t happy about it.

The next morning, Max Kallschmidt added another video of himself. This time he had a full head of hair. And he admitted that it was just a prank. Max said that his Welcome to Plathville girlfriend, Moriah Plath, as well as many others, thought he’d really shaved his head. And he couldn’t believe that everyone fell for it. Max apologized to everyone for the trick and said that he still had his hair.

Welcome to Plathville: Max Kallschmidt

Moriah Plath Not Happy with Max

Moriah Plath didn’t say anything about the incident. But Max Kallschmidt told fans that the Welcome to Plathville favorite was really upset when she thought he’d shaved his head. And that Moriah got really angry when she found out the whole thing was just a prank. Max said that he apologized about the trick. And that he really hadn’t thought she’d believe it.

Then, Max Kallschmidt posted a picture of Moriah Plath. And said, “look at this beauty!” The Welcome to Plathville daughter responded to his comment with one of her own. And Moriah said that she was, “still upset at your prank…maybe?” She included the picture of her he’d posted. And insinuated that Max might have made up for it a little bit with his sweet post.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath - Max Kallschmidt

Welcome to Plathville: Fans Weigh in on Moriah’s Relationship

Since Welcome to Plathville started, fans had a lot to say about Moriah Plath. And she quickly became one of the viewers’ favorite people on the show. Followers felt invested in her life. And they had a lot of opinions on how she should live it. Over the past couple years, many commented on Moriah’s clothes, makeup, interests, tattoos, and anything else they could think of.

Many thought they tried to help the Welcome to Plathville teen with their advice. While others said Moriah Plath needed to explore everything and find her own likes and dislikes, without all the judgement. But now, viewers have taken to discussing Moriah’s relationship with Max Kallschmidt. And it seemed like fans were finally in agreement. Pretty much everyone thought the couple were a good match.

They said that the Welcome to Plathville couple both complemented each other. And that Moriah Plath was lucky to have found such a great guy. Followers said that if Moriah were single, there would be plenty of boys that would try to take advantage of her. Especially because they felt her upbringing left her too innocent and naïve. Viewers agreed that Max Kallschmidt helped Moriah to experience the real world, while protecting her from a lot of the risks she’d face if single.

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