‘Welcome to Plathville’: Is Lydia Plath Finally Gaining Independence?

Welcome to Plathville daughter Lydia Plath recently took some steps that could finally give her some independence from her parents. And surprisingly, Kim and Barry Plath agreed that Lydia is old enough and mature enough to have some new privileges.

Welcome to Plathville: The Obedient Child

When Welcome to Plathville started, critics quickly attacked Barry and Kim Plath on their rules and values. Fans believed that the Plath rules were too strict. And that the kids would have trouble coping in the real world because of it. The couple sheltered the Plath kids and restricted their use of technology, such as TV and internet. Kim Plath also home schooled the children, so they didn’t have many friends other than their siblings.

Lydia Plath seemed to fans like the most obedient of the Welcome to Plathville family. She did almost all the household chores by herself, cooking and cleaning for all eleven members. And she balked at Moriah’s rebellious behavior. Lydia Plath said she loved her sister, but didn’t understand her need for makeup. And why she chose the clothes she did. Then, Ethan Plath and wife Olivia fought with Kim and husband Barry Plath about their influence on the younger kids. And Lydia said she could see both sides of the conflict. But she just wanted everyone to get along.

Welcome to Plathville: Lydia Plath

Lydia Plath Branches Out

At the beginning of the second season of Welcome to Plathville, it didn’t seem like much had changed for Lydia Plath. The family moved to a new house and Lydia set up a prayer closet, where she could write and post prayers. And spend some time praying for her loved ones. She continued to take care of the house and the younger kids.

But, Lydia Plath revealed her interest in a boy to Moriah when she visited. Next, she asked her Welcome to Plathville mom if she could go to Moriah’s house and spend some time with her sister. Then, when Lydia had dinner at Moriah’s house, she told her sister that she liked a boy and that she wanted to find a way to talk to him. And, that she didn’t want her mom and dad to know yet. She also mentioned that she didn’t want to live in the Plath household forever. Fans said they were thrilled that Lydia might start to have a real life of her own and get out from under Barry and wife Kim Plath’s watchful eyes.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath - Barry Plath - Lydia Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Lydia Gets a Phone?

Very recently, a Welcome to Plathville leak said that Lydia Plath might get a new cellphone. This was something that Lydia brought up to her parents and told them she wanted to get. But, Kim Plath said that Lydia didn’t need one yet. And that maybe when she was seventeen they’d allow her to get one. Barry Plath agreed that it was too soon for Lydia to have one.

Lydia Plath said that she constantly used Kim’s or Barry’s phone to call or text her siblings. And that she thought that having a one of her own would help her stay in contact with her older siblings. Lydia hoped that she could bridge the gap between her parents and her Welcome to Plathville estranged siblings and try to reestablish the family relationship.

Then, Kim Plath said that if Lydia only used it to call or text, she didn’t need a smartphone. And wouldn’t need to be on social media. Barry said that they needed to introduce Lydia Plath to, “dumb technology” before they could introduce her to, “smart technology.” Will the Welcome to Plathville parents allow Lydia to get a phone now? Or will they make her wait until she’s seventeen?

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