Vikings Season 5B: Katheryn Winnick Posts Cryptic Message On Instagram, Hints at Big Announcement

Vikings star Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) is a vital part of the History Channel’s historical drama. With the tragic death of beloved character Ragnar Lothbrook – and the departure of fan-favorite actor Travis Fimmel – Lagertha took center stage. The focus of the plot shifted to Ragnar’s sons. That said, Lagertha is very much a part of what draws viewers in.

Vikings Season 5B – Lagertha’s Fate

The first half of 5B’s season of Vikings saw Lagertha in a predicament. The combined forces of Ivar the Boneless and King Harald were closing in. Added to this, the battle at hand is not just about numbers. Ivar will settle for nothing less than Lagertha’s death. Vikings has hinted for a few seasons now that Lagertha’s end is near. Fans are left to wonder if the rest of the season will be the end of the beloved shield-maiden.

Vikings – Katheryn Winnick’s Instagram post

With fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second half of the Vikings season, Katheryn Winnick recently shared a message via Instagram. The message was rather cryptic – a photo of Katheryn Winnick with the caption: “New announcement coming soon…” While that’s about as vague as it can get, the promise of new details coming soon is more than enough to get the rumor mill started ahead of the second half of Season 5. This was certainly enough of a teaser for her 2.4 million Instagram followers to lap up. The post has garnered close to 150,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments.

Aged Lagertha in Season 6?

As Metro notes, Katheryn Winnick hinted at a jump ahead in time in Vikings Season 6. This is a tried and true method to move the plot forward. It’s not hard to imagine that this is what happens as the series moves on. While Lagertha is a battle-hardened warrior, it doesn’t look like it’s merely killing her enemies that ages her. Katheryn Winnick took to Instagram about a month ago to share some behind-the-scenes bits regarding her character, Lagertha, in the upcoming Season 6:

The fact that Lagertha survives Season 5B and makes it to old age in Season 6 suggests that Lagertha avoids Ivar’s wrath somehow. With her fate hanging in the balance at the end of the first half of Vikings Season 5A, one has to wonder if it’s worth giving away the fact that Lagertha makes it to Season 6.

Is it worth killing the suspense by confirming that she survives and makes it to old age? At the same time, it’s clear that fans of her character can breathe a collective sigh of relief – for now. Also, knowing her fate certainly does add an extra layer of intrigue heading into Season 5B. With the knowledge that Lagertha cheats death, it will be interesting to see how she does it.

Vikings Season 5B will premiere on the History Channel on November 28.

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