‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Talks Life behind Bars

Unexpected star Max Schenzel recently spoke about his life behind bars. He seems to be putting his troubled past behind him and focusing on the future. Max wants to be a father that his daughter, Ava, will be proud of. But did jail change him?

Unexpected: Max Schenzel Spends Six Months in Jail

Not long ago, Max Schenzel became a free man after spending six months behind bars. He is now opening up about his experience. The Unexpected cast member said that he was serving time for a theft charge. He said that he was on drugs and took his neighbor’s car to his then-girlfriend Chloe Mendoza’s house. However, once Max sobered up, he realized what he did was wrong. So, he drove the car back and went to bed. The next morning the police arrested him.

The Unexpected reality star was then released on bail with an ankle monitor until his court hearing. After making positive changes in his life, Max Schenzel was given the minimum sentencing of six months in jail with up to three years of probation upon his release.

Max Schenzel thought that his time behind bars was a good learning experience. However, he said that he isn’t proud that he went to jail and doesn’t want to go back. But, he also said that it had a positive effect on him and taught him a lot.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Max Gets Job in the Kitchen – Hates the Food

According to Max Schenzel, he wasn’t in a “normal” jail that people think of. The Unexpected castmate said that he was in a working pod. Max got a job working in the jail’s bakery making bread. He said that working in the kitchen made him grateful for what he has in the free world. However, Max also worked in the prisoner intake area.

Being in jail taught Max Schenzel from Unexpected about having structure. He said that he had to wake up every morning at six and make his bed. His first meal of the day was a slice of bread with peanut butter and jam. He also got a small bag of cookies that he said had no taste. Max would then get a tray with broccoli stems, bread, soybeans, and rice for dinner.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Shares Biggest Lost

Max Schenzel didn’t have a good start to his time in jail. He said that in the first two months, he was always depressed. Max had a hard time keeping his mind off his daughter, Ava. He didn’t want her to think that he was abandoning her. He said that he missed her a lot, even though he hadn’t seen her for weeks before his arrest.

The Unexpected TLC star revealed the biggest loss he suffered while in jail. Max Schenzel said that it was not being able to see his daughter, Ava. He also said that it beat him up every day not being able to be with her. Moving forward, Max wants to stay on the right path and focus on becoming a better father for his little girl.

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