‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Ready for Baby Number Two?

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford (known by fans as Hailey #2) opened up about the donations fans gave her. She also told her followers about her current working situation. Hailey even told fans if she was planning on having more children in the future. Continue reading to find out more updates on the Unexpected cast member.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Raising Son without Matthew Blevins

Earlier this year, Hailey Tilford became a first-time mom to a baby boy. She welcomed Levi Carter Tilford without the father of her child being there. Unexpected‘s Matthew Blevins was not involved in the later stages of her pregnancy. He was also not there when the baby was born. According to Hailey, Matthew is not in her child’s life. She also refers to him as the “sperm donor.”

However, the Unexpected mom doesn’t seem to be raising Levi on her own. Hailey Tilford’s new boyfriend Cole Smith has stepped up to be the father in her son’s life. He has been helping her take care of Levi. Hailey said that she considers Cole her son’s father. She even thought about having Cole legally adopt her son.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Hailey Asks for Help from Fans – Gets a New Job

Hailey Tilford recently reached out to Unexpected fans to help her move into a bigger apartment. She said she needed more space for her and her son. But, didn’t have the money to make it happen. So, she set up a fundraiser online where people could donate money. However, she says she didn’t need the donations after all. Hailey #2 said that her job was paying her well. She claims that she will be refunding the donations or donating it to a charity.

Hailey Tilford won’t be appearing on the new Unexpected season and may lose some of that TLC money. But, it seems like she has found another source of income. Hailey said she got a job working at an eye doctor’s office. She said that “it’s the best job” she has ever had. Hailey said that it is her job to “give the eye exams” to clients. And it seems like the job pays well. Since she seems to be moving into a new apartment soon.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected TLC Celeb Wants More Kids Soon

Hailey Tilford didn’t plan on being a young mom. But, she seems to be doing the best she can to raise her son. Having a little one at a young age hasn’t seemed to stop her from wanting more children. Hailey recently told fans that she did want more kids. She said she would like another one “in a year or two.” She also said that Cole Smith is a twin. So, there is a chance that she could have two more babies at once.

The Unexpected castmate is already a mom to a little boy. So, a fan was curious to find out if Hailey Tilford would like to have another son or a daughter. She said that she wants her next child to be a girl. Looks like baby Levi may be getting a little brother, sister or both in the near future.

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