‘Tiger King’: John Finlay Gets New Teeth – Unrecognizable in Before and After Pics

Tiger King‘s John Finlay gets new teeth and is almost unrecognizable in before and after photos.

The Netflix show Tiger King, never shows John Finlay with all his new teeth. In every scene is has large gaps of missing teeth. But, John says Netflix had photos of him with his new teeth and they were still taping when he got them. He has spoken out before how Netflix edited him in a negative light.

Tiger King: John Finlay Opens Up About His Missing Teeth

John Finlay from Tiger King appeared on The Talk. The ladies ask them about his teeth and how he felt about appearing on the show like that. He said that Netflix knew his teeth were fixed. He also said that Netflix had access to the photos of him with new teeth but chose not to show it.

John Finlay says he is upset Netflix chose not to show his new and perfect teeth on Tiger King. He says his teeth were completely reconstructed by July 2019 before the show finished filming. As the husband of Joe Exotic, he was always shown on the Netflix show shirtless and sporting many tats. The ladies from The Talk say he is the sex symbol of the show.

Tiger King: John Finlay

Netflix Star Says He’s Taking a Break

John Finlay says he is taking some time off from all the publicity. The Tiger King docuseries stirred up a lot of interest in his life. And people are giving him a lot of flack for his part in the show. He testified against his ex Joe, which got a lot of attention.

While John is happy to showcase his new teeth, it seems things are getting tiring for the star. However, Tiger King continues to gain viewers and John Finlay just wants to be left alone.

Tiger King: John Finlay

Where Is Tiger King Star John Finlay Now?

It might seem strange to think about John Finlay anywhere else than with Tiger King Joe. But, he has moved on on. He is still in Oklahoma, but he is not taming tigers. He is working as a welder and hasn’t touched drugs in years.

After leaving Joe for a girl, John Finlay is now married to his wife Stormey Sanders. He never said he identified with being gay. Joe Exotic said John left him for a woman and he can’t compete with that.

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