Victoria Newman’s Head Injury History On The Young And The Restless

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for this week reveal Victoria Newman [Amelia Heinle] suffers a medical crisis on air at GC Buzz. The Newman princess got a tap on the head from her recent car wreck and also when she took a tumble at the Top of the Tower. But the drink Abby Newman [Melissa Ordway] threw in Victoria’s face wasn’t to blame either. Something else is at fault.

Y&R spoilers from She Knows for this week have Victoria checked into Genoa City Memorial by Thursday with a troubling diagnosis. Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson] is at her side, and there’s a rough road ahead. Some spoilers and rumors hinted that Victoria might be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis putting her on the same path as her mother, Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott].

Victoria Newman’s future tied to the past

Despite her mom’s illness and that MS can run in families, it’s doubtful that’s the diagnosis. Young and the Restless spoilers don’t show any alignment between Victoria’s symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis. But this isn’t the first time that Victoria Newman had a cranial crisis. Back in 2007, when Victoria was pregnant with Reed Hellstrom [Tristan Lake Leabu], she was trapped in an explosion.

A casino and parking deck in Clear Springs collapsed and then a secondary disaster occurred, a methane explosion. Just as Victoria and Adrian Korbel [Eyal Podell] were located and spoke to Victor Newman [Eric Braeden], the explosion sparked, and everyone assumed the worst. Incredibly, Victoria survived the explosion, but then things got worse for her.

Just as Victoria was scrambling out of the rubble, but a chunk of concrete smashed down, and she wound up with a traumatic head injury. Victoria lingered in a coma for months from October 2007 through late January 2008. She gave birth via c-section to Reed while in the coma and had several complications. It could be that something from that accident is back to plague her.

Victoria’s brain broken from lengthy coma?

The longer you’re in a coma, the worse the after-effects can be. When you’re in a coma for more than a month, like Victoria was, it’s called a “persistent vegetative state, ” and it’s a bad thing. Right now, Victoria is showing signs of neurological impairment. She’s suffering lapses, ringing in her ears, partial deafness, impaired judgment, and other signs of head trauma.

These are signs of something terrifying, but not MS. It also doesn’t seem likely that her little fall at the Newman Tower restaurant is enough to cause her problems. Abby might blame herself, but it’s not her fault. There’s a medical crisis coming, and it might be the catalyst the Newmans need to rally together and make peace.

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