The Walking Dead Spoilers: Jesus Will Not Return – Midseason Finale LEAK

The Walking Dead spoilers show Paul “Jesus” Rovia (Tom Payne) will not return. This season has been jam-packed with surprises and heart-racing scenes and the midseason finale promises to be utterly terrifying. Jesus, Daryl (Norman Reedus), Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Dog go off in search of Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and what they encounter will leave you breathless. You don’t want to miss this epic Whisperer episode!

Tara (Alanna Masterson) is keeping things in order at the Hilltop while Jesus is helping to rescue Eugene. She tells Michonne (Danai Gurira), Magna (Nadia Hilker) and her group they can stay temporarily until Jesus comes back. Little does she know, she may be running things a little longer than planned.

Walking Dead fans will finally hear a little something about why everyone is so upset with Michonne. The Hilltop and the Kingdom wanted Alexandria to join them in the upcoming fair, and they reached out the community leaders.  Michonne never responds, and brushes it off when Carol asked as well. So no one trusts Michonne. She has such a stick up her ass, and The Walking Dead execs need to finally tell us why! Don’t want to wait till next year to find out…

Father Gabriel is an idiot

While Michonne is away at the Hilltop, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is in charge of watching Negan. He’s pissed about having to stay behind instead of going to help Rosita (Christian Serratos). She’s still recovering from her Whisperer encounter.

Walking Dead Spoilers indicate Gabe goes to check on Negan.  As they talk, Negan busts his balls about having to stay to behind to babysit him. Gabe gets angry, and loses focus. He’s completely distracted as he leaves Negan’s cell unlocked, and Negan, of course, escapes!

Just wondering…

Are TWD writers at AMC trying to make us hate Gabriel? This is the second time he left the gate open during the history of the show. During the Season 5 Walking Dead Finale, he lost it and went out into the woods alone despite having no experience of killing walkers. He miraculously made it back to Alexandria alive, but left the gate open when he came back, and lots of zombies later invaded. And, that’s just one of the many stupid things he’s done over the years… Remember how he talked Rick down from killing Negan in Mercy (S8, E1)? There is just no redeeming this man. Lord, he is completely useless.

Henry’s a lightweight

Henry settles in at the Hilltop on The Walking Dead. He quickly makes friends with the other teenagers and gets along well with Earl (his blacksmith trainer). He even has a crush on Enid, but later learns she’s with Alden. Henry and the other teens end up hanging out and getting drunk.  He gets so trashed he’s put in jail for disturbing the peace.

Later Earl tells Henry he can get released once Jesus returns…

Spoilers reveal that Henry eventually gets involved with a Whisperer by the name of Lydia.  He will be taken hostage by the Whisperers and taken to their camp —  a storyline that had originally been set for Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

Jesus DIES on The Walking Dead!

Jesus, Daryl, Aaron and Dog find Eugene in the barn. He’s hysterical (just as Rosita was earlier in the episode) and going on and on about how the herd is not like other herds. Eugene says they’ve been circling back to the barn to keep him trapped there.

The group is quickly found by the herd, and Dog is barking up a storm.  The dog has been trained to let Daryl know when there are zombies around, so that’s exactly what he does.

The guys have no choice but to run.  Aaron and Jesus try to carry an injured Eugene back to their horses. Daryl agrees that he and the dog will distract the herd so that the guys can get away. He uses firecrackers to get their attention, but nothing works. The herd basically ignores Daryl and goes after Eugene, Aaron, and Jesus. Two words…

EPIC Showdown

Walking Dead herds track the guys to a creepy cemetery and fog is literally everywhere… Daryl is on his way, but it’s basically Jesus and Aaron with Eugene. Aaron and Jesus make a formidable team. They’re outnumbered, but put up a great fight. Thankfully, Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) arrive to boost their chances.

Everyone’s fighting and kicking ass, but the Whisperers are still winning. As the group’s about to escape, the Whisperers advance even faster. These Whisperers are savage! They’re not letting them get away, so Jesus tells the others to go ahead while he holds the herd off.

Jesus’ stand against the Whisperers is something to behold with his impressive ninja moves. This buys the group enough time to try and escape. But it all goes bad when a Whisperer comes out of nowhere and stabs Jesus straight thru the chest. As he’s doing so, the Whisperer eerily whispers to Jesus “You’re where you do not belong.”


Jesus falls to the ground and his body is lifeless as a devastated Aaron looks on. Daryl kills the Whisperer who killed Jesus. The herd retreats. The group unmasks the Whisperer, and sees the terrifying monsters for what they really are — humans wearing zombie skin!

The Aftermath of The Walking Dead

The episode ends on a huge cliffhanger… Jesus is dead and about to turn, the Whisperers have been revealed, and the herd that had once retreated is headed back to the group. The Whisperers have the group trapped and are hungry to finish them off.  OMG!??

Walking Dead spoiler sources revealed to Soap Dirt a funeral will happen for Jesus — when the season returns. Fans will of course be heartbroken over his death. His character was crucial to the Hilltop community, and they loved the idea of Jesus and Aaron becoming a couple – like they are in the comics. It’s disappointing to realize that that will never happen. Tom Payne is a great actor, and we will miss him. To his fans, Tom shared a sweet tweet on Thanksgiving day…

Walking Dead showrunner, Andrea Kang, sort of warned us of Jesus’s tragic fate during her Entertainment Weekly interview. She said, in regards to a romantic relationship between Aaron and Jesus, “I can’t speak to the future of that.” Now we know why…

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