‘The View’: Andrea Kelly on R. Kelly as Sex Slave ‘Confessions’ Book Link Goes Viral

The View featured Andrea Kelly, speaking about ex-husband R. Kelly (Robert Kelly). Her trials and tribulations with her former husband were on display. She spoke about alleged sex slave testimonies ringing true to her spirit, because Andrea Kelly said she experienced the same behavior. Yet even as Andrea Kelly’s name goes viral on Twitter, so does an alleged sex slave’s testimony, Sex Me: Confessions Of Daddy’s Little Freak.

The View: Andrea Kelly on Ex-Husband R. Kelly

During her 13 tumultuous years being married to R. Kelly, there was an alleged attack in a Hummer. “Oh my God, I’m gonna die in the back of this Hummer and nobody is gonna know,” she said. Andrea feared R. Kelly would drive around with her dead body in the Hummer. The Grammy-winning artist was also the victim of abuse prior to his own sexual abuse allegations being made public, said his ex-wife.

Andrea said that she knew when R. Kelly was about to launch into a rage by how his eyes changed. She spoke of being hog-tied after Robert allegedly took a belt from his robe and tied Andrea’s hands and feet together. Ultimately, Andrea filed a restraining order against R. Kelly. There was no comment from R. Kelly’s team on the allegations of domestic violence, which he has previously denied.

R. Kelly’s mind games

The domestic violence situation involved R. Kelly playing “mind games” such as changing her cell phone number. Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me is the name of book wherein R. Kelly admitted to being abused. He was a child who wasn’t taught how to read street signs to find his way home in Chicago. However, it is the book with the subtitle “A Past You Can’t Escape” that is the buzz of Twitter. In Sex Me: Confessions of Daddy’s Little Freak, an anonymous sex slave speaks of loving R. Kelly since she was a four-year-old. As she grew, she would take magazine images of the R&B king and tape them to her pillow.

“How old are you baby girl?”

When the author finally got to meet her hero, she described an encounter that took many machinations to undergo. The then supposed 20-year-old describes scoring concert and VIP tickets to meet the superstar, and playing hard-to-get to gain his attention. However, later in the book she admitted to sitting on “Daddy” R. Kelly’s lap and confessing she was only 16.


Confessions of Daddy’s Little Freak Revelations on The View

In 2008, R. Kelly was tried but acquitted on charges related to a sex tape that emerged. A man resembling R. Kelly appeared in the sex tape with an underage girl. Now that Andrea continues to speak out about her ex-husband R. Kelly in venues like The View, fans are taking notice.

Fans are also reacting to the Sex Me: Confessions Of Daddy’s Little Freak book on social media. The 95-page book is drawing reactions of disgust from those who have read the book.

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