The Killer’s Mask in BBC’s Luther is Tied to Alice Morgan

Luther and Idris Elba are back on BBC America for a fifth season. The trailer shows that DCI John Luther will be hunting a crazed serial killer in a transparent mask. The mask may look familiar to many horror film fans and it appears to be an homage to Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson).

Who is Alice Morgan on Luther?

Alice Morgan is a fan favorite going all the way back to season one of Luther. Alice murdered her parents and John Luther developed a fondness for her and decided not to go after her, even though she continues to kill.

The Luther trailer for season 5 teases the comeback for Alice Morgan by showing her face for a fraction of a second at the end of the trailer. If you want to know if she’s really back from the dead, you can read our spoiler article about Alice Morgan.

How the Mask Ties into Alice Morgan

In season 5, the killer John Luther chases, wears a translucent mask with LED lights. The lights are designed to disrupt CCT video cameras. While it’s a cool effect for the show, it makes no sense. The killer is already hiding his face from the cameras because he’s wearing a mask. The lights are not needed.  But that’s the least of the plot flaws in the new season.

BBC Luther: Alice Sweet Alice (Mask)

This season, the main killer on Luther wears a plastic mask. It is is a near duplicate to the mask from the movie Alice sweet Alice. The 1976 slasher film revolved around a serial killer that wore the mask and a hooded jacket, much like this season of the Idris Elba series. And Alice’s name in the title, not once but twice, is a dead giveaway.

Hint that Our Favorite Serial Killer Is Back?

Apparently, the BBC wanted to drop a not so subtle hint that Alice is back, alive and well. Okay, maybe not all that well as she does show up on John Luther’s doorstep after being shot.

Viewers will see the mask a lot this season, including an extremely well done terrifying scene where the killer attacks his victim on a double decker bus.

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