‘The First 48’: Detective Jason White Admits Fooled by Nice Criminals

The First 48 latest episode shows Detective Jason White and his confession to previously being worked over by “nice criminals.” What happened during the case? Why did Detective Jason recount his past mistakes?

The First 48: Detective Jason White Meets Reggie Sutton

The First 48 Detective Jason White and his team dispatched to Sidney Ray’s house after neighbors heard gunshots. There, Detective Jason met Sidney’s neighbor, Dylan.

When interviewed on The First 48, neighbors caught the gunmen running into Dylan’s garage before exiting the scene. While Dylan’s story changed, we eventually found out he helped the killers by letting them store their guns and ammo in his garage as well as helping the men get gas for their white Monte Carlo.

Dylan accurately identified Reggie Sutton from a picture and explained he was with Reggie and another man that fateful night.

Reginald “Reggie” Sutton turned himself in for his cousin Sidney’s murder. When the Tulsa Police Department conducted a search on The First 48, they found that Reggie had multiple felonies. However, Reggie was very pleasant and polite.

While all police officers like it when criminals are cooperative, detectives also have a job to do. The “nice guy” façade that criminals pull is a cover-up for their true nature. This is something that Detective Jason White knew about Reggie when he first met him.

The First 48: Detective Jason White

Reggie’s Confession

Detective Jason White and another officer questioned Reggie Sutton on The First 48. Reggie explained that Sidney did “crack” and was nasty toward Reggie and others. They got into a fight where Sidney pulled out weapons, such as a knife and a 9mm.

During their fight, Reggie Sutton tells Detective Jason White that Sidney slashed Reggie in the stomach. Then, Sidney pulled out his gun. Reggie tried to grab the gun from Sidney, but the gun went off and shot Reggie in the head.

The First 48: Detective Jason White

The First 48: Detective Jason White Finds Out What Really Happened

Was Detective Jason White going to believe the well-mannered Reggie Sutton, who turned himself in for his cousin’s supposedly accidental suicide? Jason and his team on The First 48 soon discovered Reggie had an accomplice, his friend Terry Ratliff.

Police pulled in Terry for questioning on The First 48, and Terry tells a completely different story. He explains that Reggie is the one who pulled the gun on Sidney and shot him point-blank in the right side of the head.

Reggie Sutton’s nice behavior almost fooled Detective Jason White. He played the part of the “good guy” who turned himself in and delivered a story about Sidney killing himself. But Detective Jason knew it was an act. He interviewed the accomplices on The First 48 and discovered the real story.

Reggie is being held for first-degree murder.

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