‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Questions Angenette’s past – Was She Fishing for an American?

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett questions her brother’s foreign girlfriend Angenette‘s past. Royal Everett is happy to introduce his fiance to his family. However, the Everetts don’t give her a warm welcome. Instead, Angenette is asked a lot of questions from the family. Will their story have a happy ending?

The Family Chantel Spoilers: Royal Everett Meets Foreign Fiance Online

This season of The Family Chantel, Chantel Everett’s older brother, Royal Everett, joins the family on their TLC 90 Day Fiance spinoff show. He says that over the past few years, he has been living in Texas. While living away from home, he was attending school. But, he is now back in Atlanta, where the rest of the Everetts live. Fans find out that Royal and his sister have something big in common. He is also in a relationship with someone from a different country.

The Family Chantel teasers explain how Royal Everett met his love interest Angenette. He says that he logged in to social media and saw that he had a friend request. And that request was from Angenette, who is from the Philippines. After talking to her for a year, he decided to make the trip to the Philippines to meet her in person for the first time. During that trip, Royal says that he proposed to her.

The Family Chantel: Royal Everett - Angenette

Chantel Everett Struggles to Trust Angenette

Chantel Everett knows from 90 Day Fiance what it’s like having your family disapprove of your relationship. She and Pedro Jimeno had a hard time getting her family to accept him. However, instead of sympathizing with her brother, she does what her family did to her. The Family Chantel cast member has her concerns about Angenette. She doesn’t feel like Angenette is as innocent as she portrays herself to be.

The Family Chantel previews show Chantel Everett questioning Angenette about her past. She asks her if she has ever spoken to other American men. Angenette shakes her head and says, “no.” But, it seems like Royal Everett’s sister has found out something about her. She says that Angenette is lying to her, which makes her question everything her brother’s fiance has ever told her.

The Family Chantel: Angenette

The Family Chantel: Angenette Feels Attacked by Chantel’s Questions

Angenette seems to feel like Chantel Everett is attacking her with all these questions. She says that she isn’t hiding anything from Royal Everett’s family.  However, there seems to be something bothering her. She starts to break down crying. But, will the Everetts be able to accept her?

In season two of The Family Chantel, the Everetts head to Asia to visit with Angenette’s family. But, Karen Everett says that she hopes that Angenette’s parents aren’t “pathetic users.” It doesn’t seem like the trip goes smoothly. Chantel Everette says that she thinks her brother’s fiance was “fishing for an American guy.” And, that doesn’t sit well with Angenette, and she says the Everett family “can go [back] to their country.”

Will there be a “thrilla’ in Manila?”

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