‘The Deuce’: David Krumholtz’s Weight Gain & Loss as Harvey Wasserman on HBO series

The Deuce’s David Krumholtz (Harvey Wasserman) has had a dramatic weight gain over the past few years, then lost it all overnight. The change in appearance has fans of HBO’s The Deuce wondering. How did David lose so many pounds so fast – and is he healthy?

Who Is Harvey Wasserman portrayer David Krumholtz from HBO’s The Deuce?

David Krumholtz drummed up a huge fan base playing a skinny Charlie Eppes in the TV series Numb3rs. He played a crime-solving genius mathematician. The CBS show was a hit and had over 100 episodes.

David has constantly stayed working getting gigs as a series regular on many popular shows like The Good Wife, Partners, Men at Work and most recently Living Biblically as Rabbi Gil.

Currently, David Krumholtz is one of the major stars on HBO’s series The Deuce. He plays adult film producer Harvey Wasserman.

David Krumholtz’s Dramatic Weight Loss Shown On HBO’s The Deuce

Fans of The Deuce were stunned when they watched the first episode of the HBO show. David’s character, Harvey Wasserman, was pushing 300 pounds at the end of Season one. However, in the first episode of season two, he was barely over 100 pounds. The weight loss has viewers asking if it was caused by diet or does the actor have health issues.

David Krumholtz has put on weight for parts in the past. In 2013 he posted on Twitter he was putting on weight for a part.

He tweeted: “I’ve gained the weight for a role, folks. I got a nutritionist monitoring my calorie intake & all that stupid shit that is not true I’m fat.”

His tweet was made shortly after the actor had a Thyroid cancer scare, which doctors treated with radioactive iodine. He was cancer free by 2013.  Thyroid problems can lead to weight gain.

HBO has worked his weight in as part of the show.  In season one he was a chain-smoking donut eater. Season two shows him with a new girlfriend that forces him to eat healthily.

The writers of The Deuce may have written Harvey Wasserman’s weight gain into the storyline before production started because David Krumholtz can obviously gain and lose weight fast.

Many fans think his character may have an Aides twist, but season one ended in the early 1970s. Season two did a six-year time jump and is set in 1977 – six years later. This time period is four years before the HIV epidemic began.  A more likely scenario would be for Harvey Wasserman to have a cocaine addiction which leads to his dramatic weight loss.

How Did David Krumholtz lose his weight?

David is very silent on how or why he lost all the pounds. Many think he was on the same type of diet as director Kevin Smith and magician Penn Jillette.

Both lost weight by changing their diet to more vegetables and cutting out carbs and sugar.  Penn Jillette lost over 100 pounds, and Kevin lost over 85 pounds and gave credit Penn Jillette and the Netflix documentary film “Fed Up.”

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