‘The Conners’ Cancelled With One Episode Left? No, ABC Orders 11 More Episodes

The Conners ratings have gone up slightly – but not according to current viral buzz on social media that claim the show is nearly cancelled. Currently, a rumor is going around Twitter that the show is on the chopping block. But fans of The Conners can call it fake news in the wake of the Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) character dying.

The Conners gets 11 episodes ordered by ABC thus far

Variety reports that The Conners has received an order of 11 episodes from ABC so far during its first season. However, social media is going crazy with rumors that only one more episode of the show was ordered by the network ABC. “The Conners has scored one additional episode, bringing the Roseanne spinoff’s total order to 11,” reads the quote that has been twisted by other publications.

Additional reporting confirms that the Halloween episode gained more viewers. In fact, the sitcom gained one tenth of a point in ratings compared to the prior week.

The Conners airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The Halloween episode on Tuesday featured Rebecca “Becky” Conner Healy (Lecy Goranson) dressed as Sinead O’Connor mixed with Sharknado.

No cancellation news for The Conners

On Twitter, misspelled searches such as “The Connors cancelled” or “The Conners ratings” are surging. Another popular search suggestion on Twitter is “The Conners without Roseanne.” However, rumors of the demise of the show have not been confirmed by any verified sources.

Meanwhile, Darlene Conners (Sara Gilbert) tried to get a job at an eatery that insults patrons. However, Darlene was too mean for the gig. Darlene performed a practice run with her would-be boss, but she ended up insulting his face and his dead-end career. Hitting too far below the belt, Darlene didn’t get the job.

How long will the Roseanne reboot last?

With rumors spreading online that only one more episode of The Conners was ordered. Some people are assuming that only one more episode will air. However, official reports confirm that 11 episodes of the show have been ordered to be produced by ABC. Additional episodes may or may not be ordered, likely based on how well the show continues to perform on Tuesdays on ABC.

Since only three episodes have aired as of this writing, there should be at least eight more episodes left. In fact, the show’s premiere was the top new comedy for same-day and 3-day delayed viewing audiences. Thus far, the episodes “Keep on Truckin’,” “Tangled up in Blue,” and “There Won’t Be Blood” have aired. Fans of the sitcom can look forward to the fourth episode of the first season, titled “The Separation of Church and Dan,” to air on November 13.

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