‘The Circle’: Did Miranda and Joey Hook Up After Netflix Show?

The Circle’s Joey Sasso and Miranda Bissonnette had a strong connection during the filming of the Netflix reality show. Even with participants unable to see each other, aside from their avatars, they had chemistry. So, they left many fans wondering, are Miranda and winner Joey still together?

Netflix’s The Circle: Miranda & Joey Keep fellow’s Fan Hope Alive

From the moment Miranda Bissonnette and Joey Sasso began their relationship without ever laying eyes on each other, viewers rooted for them to meet face to face. When Miranda was blocked off the social experiment, she chose to meet Joey. And that’s when you saw that hot and steamy kiss.

After that, viewers were all left wondering if they hung out and got their date after the show? From the looks of it, they did hang out at some point after The Circle because Miranda put up a photo of the two of them hanging out.

The Circle: Miranda Bissonnette - Joey Sasso

Miranda Bissonnette Might Have Found Happiness Somewhere Else

Although Miranda spilled the beans that Joey is a great kisser, she’s usually off adventuring by herself. And on Valentine’s Day, The Circle cast member shared a picture with the caption “S.I.N.G.L.E” and who commented on it?

You guessed it – Joey Sasso. This is not the only picture he has commented on to date, it looks like Joey is still a Miranda fan, but they’re not together romantically. Miranda has recently posted pictures with someone other than Joey, and even tagged him in a recent IG story in the last 24 hours.

The Circle alum has also been sharing pictures about doing what is good for your soul and enjoying her birthday in Hawaii, but without Joey Sasso anywhere in sight. Joey did shout Miranda out for her birthday earlier this month and referred to her as one of his best friends. From the looks of it, there’s no Joey Sasso action with Miranda Bissonnette for now.

The Circle: Miranda Bissonnette

The Circle: Is Miranda Having Fun with Someone Other Than Joey Sasso?

Maybe love is not completely out of the question for Miranda. She shared a beach pic with the cryptic message, “Take me back”. In the picture, she is smiling from ear to ear hanging on to a handsome fella’s back.

Five days ago, she posted a photo. It looks like a hotel with the same guy – not her The Circle kiss partner. And she used another cryptic phrase “Just going to leave this here…. ” with a winky emoji. Fans went crazy commenting on this picture because it wasn’t Joey. At the end of the day is she happy?

So, watchers are left with wishful thinking. Many hope they’ll reconnect those old flames. For now, fingers crossed for this fan-fave couple. We’ll update you for more on Miranda and Joey in the future.

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