‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Sends Cameron Ayala Home

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Hannah Brown will send Cameron Ayala home on the upcoming episode. It seems Hannah does not see a future with him and will set the freestyle rapper free. His bold moves made during the show will not pay off for Cam.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown Sends Cam Packing

Hannah Brown is narrowing it down. Therefore, her list of eligible bachelors is growing smaller. The game is heating up and the men are making bold moves. Cameron Ayala is perhaps the most bold contestant thus far.

On last week’s episode, he crashed a group date he wasn’t invited to just to spend time with The Bachelorette. In addition, during the cocktail party, he oddly invited another bachelor to sit beside him as he swooned Hannah. Needless to say, that situation didn’t turn out too well.

On the upcoming episode, Cam will strike again. The other bachelors will accuse him of trying to win Hannah’s heart by gaining sympathy. Doctors diagnosed Cameron with lymphedema in 2002. His competitors will claim he will use his cancer survivor status to tray and get a rose.

The Bachelorette- Who is Cameron Ayala?

Cameron Ayala is a 30 year old software sales manager from Austin, Texas. In addition, he’s a graduate of Texas A&M University. He initially met Hannah Brown during After the Final Rose. Cam won favor by rapping a song made just for The Bachelorette. He continued to show his rap skills throughout his time spent in the mansion.

As previously stated, the rapping dance king has lymphedema. In 2014, he suffered from a bad knee infection. He almost lost his leg via amputation. But doctors were able to perform a diagnostic procedure in 2016 which prevented Cam from losing his leg. Lucky Cam.

Cam Gets a Group Date

After crashing a previous group date he wasn’t invited to, Cam will finally get his chance to spend time with Hannah. Of course other men will be present. But, nonetheless, The Bachelorette will select him for additional time.

The group date will involve the men taking a class on female anatomy. The guys will have a chance to experience diaper changing, simulated labor pains, and breastfeeding. Hannah Brown will grant Mike the group date rose. So, obviously Cam will not be her favorite for the night.

The scheduled cocktail party will be cancelled. Instead, The Bachelorette will invite the fellas to a daytime tailgate party. Everyone knows how much Hannah loves Alabama football. Therefore, the guys will be able to bond with her during one of her favorite pastimes. However, Cam will not benefit from this gathering. The other contestants will reportedly convince Hannah he isn’t genuine. Therefore, she’ll eliminate him.

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