‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Clare Crawley Off ABC Show – Her Choice Or the Network’s?

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Clare Crawley leaves the ABC show this coming week. Clare favored frontrunner Dale Moss since the moment they met on the season premiere. Clare and Dale’s relationship progressed quickly over the next two episodes.

Now, Chris Harrison feels she did the other men wrong with her actions. Clare’s intense focus on Dale left the other men angry and frustrated. The network knew the show couldn’t continue like this. With her exit, viewers wonder if Clare chose to leave with her true love or if the network forced her out of the show.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Clare Crawley Finds Instant Connection with Dale Moss

Clare Crawley meets 31 men she’s now dating on the first episode of Season 16 of The Bachelorette. While she admits that it’s an amazing group of men, one, in particular, catches her eye. She even goes so far as to say that she’s just met her husband.

Not surprisingly, Clare gave Dale the first impression rose on night one. The second episode began with Clare obsessing over Dale before any of the dates even begin. She says that Dale is on the first group date on The Bachelorette because she couldn’t wait to see him again. It was clear she made the other men uncomfortable with her physical affection towards Dale.

Clare Crawley and handsome Dale disappeared for over an hour on the third episode of The Bachelorette. Clare spends that time making out with Dale in her bedroom. On the last group date, Clare didn’t even bother to give out a rose. At this point, Clare only had eyes (and roses) for Dale.

The Bachelorette: Clare Crawley - Dale Moss

Chris Harrison Not Disappointed with Clare Crawley

Host Chris Harrison now deals with the fallout Clare Crawley created for the ABC network and The Bachelorette producers. It was noticed by all that Clare focused on only one man. Chris says it cheated the other guys, and he wants them to at least have a chance to find love.

But Chris insists that he’s not disappointed in Clare Crawley. Instead, the host wants everyone to know that Clare didn’t do anything wrong. He’s not mad at her and believes that Clare followed her heart. Chris says it’s a great thing that Clare found love. That’s what The Bachelorette is about, after all.

Chris wants what is best for everyone involved. Clare deserves happiness, and it sounds like she found it with Dale. But, the rest of the men deserve a chance at love, so that’s why Clare Crawley left The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette: Clare Crawley - Chris Harrison

The Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams Replaces Clare Crawley

Next week, The Bachelorette spoilers indicate there’s a new leading lady. Tayshia Adams joins the reality romance show in place of Clare Crawley. Soon, Tayshia gets the chance to woo the men that Clare left in the dust. She’s ready to settle down with a husband.

In the next episode, the host breaks the news of Clare Crawley’s exit to the men. He lets the men know that he feels they didn’t get what they came for with this outcome. So, Chris tells them that they’ll still get their shot at finding a wife because the network recruited a new Bachelorette.

The men are excited to find out who this woman is, but Chris leaves the men in suspense. He only tells them he’ll bring in their new potential wife. Watch as Tayshia steps out of the limo in front of The Bachelorette house to take Clare Crawley’s place.

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