‘The Bachelorette’: Kaitlyn Bristowe Talks Depression and Valium Addiction: ‘I Lost Myself’

The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe dove into her emotional experience being depressed and Valium addiction in her new YouTube series. Kaitlyn gave a detailed narrative of how she became dependent on the prescription drug.

It all started when she followed a boy across the world and “lost myself”. But Kaitlyn turned it all around and came out better for it on the other side. Keep reading for the full scoop.

The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn Bristowe Followed a Guy to Germany

In her 20s, Kaitlyn Bristowe lived in Vancouver, Canada working in a restaurant while trying to make it as a professional dancer. The Bachelorette alum ended up meeting a hockey player and falling in love with him. But the guy would have to go back to the city he played for at the end of summer.

Yet, they decided to try and make long-distance work and eventually Kaitlyn moved with him to Newfoundland. “I was living somebody else’s lifestyle,” Kaitlyn said. Then, her boyfriend signed a contract to play in Germany and she made the decision to follow him across the Atlantic Ocean. Kaitlyn says it was when she started “emotionally relying” on him that things went downhill.

The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Fell Into Deep Depression & Developed Addiction to Valium?

Eventually, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s mental health did a steep decline. “I was just a shell of myself,” says the former Bachelorette. The only thing her boyfriend could do to help was to break up with her. Kaitlyn says he told her, “You are not ok. We cannot do this”. So, they ended things and the then 27-year-old moved back in with her mother. But she quickly became depressed.

“I had nothing,” the Bachelorette fan-favorite explained and she believed, “life was over for me”. She went to a doctor who prescribed her antidepressants, which Kaitlyn fully believes in. Plus, he gave her valium, a controlled substance that’s incredibly powerful. She says she liked how it took away her feelings. “I had become addicted to valium and I was about 93 pounds”.

The Bachelorette: Responsible For Her Happiness

It took some time but Kaitlyn Bristowe said she realized, “I can’t live like this anymore”. She was “sick of being numb” and decided to take a different course of action. “You can’t let anyone be responsible for your own happiness,” she says. Now, she’s in a relationship with a man Jason Tartick and is living her best life.

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