‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Victoria Paul Drops Out of Competition for Peter Weber’s Heart in Chile?

The Bachelor spoilers tease a shocking exit for Victoria Paul. She has been swept up in a lot of the drama so far. Her strong connection with Peter Weber seems to be dying down amidst the Alayah issues. But it that enough to cause the pageant queen to jump ship? In the promo for tomorrow’s episode, Victoria is emotional and walks away from Peter. Keep scrolling for the whole story.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Sparks Fly for Peter Weber & Victoria Paul

The Bachelor spoilers previously reported that their first official date ended with Victoria Paul’s head in a toilet. She and Peter Weber formed a connection over that. They had a heart-to-heart about her motion sickness problem and Victoria P’s honesty earned Peter’s respect early on. Then, during their first Bachelor one-on-one, Victoria got real with the Delta pilot.

She said her childhood was not an amazing one. Not only did her father pass away when she was just two-years-old, her mom then fell into addiction. This caused Victoria Paul to be the prime caretaker for her younger sister while they were moved from place to place. Her tragic and raw backstory had this season’s Bachelor fans hanging on her every word.

Victoria Paul’s Involvement in the Alayah Drama

It seems like the drama with Alayah Benavidez is officially over, or at least, we hope it is. Her abrupt return after Peter Weber eliminated her threw a wrench in the fragile peace the other Bachelor girls had forged. It was really a problem for Victoria Paul, who was involved in the other woman’s elimination. Peter had come to her for advice on what to do and her answer had him reeling.

Victoria Paul said that Alayah asked her to lie about them knowing one another. Although the former Miss Louisiana said the two were just acquaintances, Alayah told Peter differently. She said that they are good friends and even went to Las Vegas together. Peter was incredibly confused and had no idea what to do.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Promo Shows Victoria in Tears

The Bachelor spoilers for the special extra episode airing Wednesday night, Victoria Paul runs away from Peter Weber. First, we see a teary-eyed Victoria P telling Peter, “I’m worried for you and I hope that you’re making the right decisions”. Then, as the pilot announces that he’s having doubts, the video shows her walking out. Peter trails behind her calling after the 27-year-old nurse.

Peter is Left in chilie

While her reasons remains a mystery, Victoria is crowned the next Miss Louisiana the day after she left. But that doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse to abandon her quest for love when she’s one of the front-runners. So, why does Victoria P go home?

Watch The Bachelor tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC to find out.

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