‘The Bachelor’: Nick Viall Shades Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron – Thinks They’re Too Close?

The Bachelor’s Nick Viall seems to slam Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown, but what’s got him hot and bothered about this duo? While Nick’s taking the coronavirus quarantine very seriously, he’s a little upset that some others are not doing the same.

So, Nick called out people that haven’t been staying isolated in a recent live stream. And it appears he’s talking about Hannah and Tyler, who have an entire “Quarantine Crew”. In other news, Tyler and Hannah may be rekindling their romance from The Bachelorette while in lockdown.

The Bachelor: Nick Viall Gets Upset Over Poor Isolation Practices

Nick Viall is just one of the many reality stars encouraging people to self-quarantine. The former leading man from season 21 of The Bachelor is taking the entire pandemic very seriously. “Way too many people hanging out in crowds,” Nick said in one of his Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, Nick’s teaching others how to social distance through informative, yet hilarious skits. But The Bachelor star isn’t playing around when it comes to containing the coronavirus. On Wednesday, Nick Viall popped up on New York comedian Claudia Oshry’s live stream to discuss it.

The Bachelor: Nick Viall

Nick Calls Out Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron

During the live, Nick Viall gave a piece of advice seemingly directed at fellow The Bachelor Nation alums Hannah Brown and also Tyler Cameron. The two reconnected in Florida after Tyler Cameron’s mother passed away, and it looks like Hannah Brown’s staying there for now. But not everyone is happy about their reunion, more specifically them hanging with the “Quarantine Crew”.

When asked what kind of advice Nick Viall would give to those on lockdown, The Bachelor alumni had plenty to say. He seemingly slammed Tyler Cameron and also Hannah Brown and threw shade their way. “Stay the f*** home,” Nick said, “stop doing TikTok videos with groups of people in the pool”. Although The Bachelor star denied directing his comments at anyone specific, Hannah, Tyler, and the rest of their crews fit the bill.

The Bachelor: Hannah Brown - Tyler Cameron - Matt James - Ryan Cameron

The Bachelor: Hannah & Tyler Get Close

In other news, it seems like Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are resparking their romance right in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis. Tyler’s been spotted getting cozy with Hannah. Plus, Hannah Brown asked out Tyler during The Bachelorette finale.

So, it seems lockdown’s giving them plenty of time to get to know each other again. That could be what’s rubbing The Bachelor‘s Nick the wrong way. Would you want to see Tyler Cameron try again with Hannah Brown? Or should she do as Nick Viall advised and stay the F home?

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