‘The Bachelor’: Is Alayah Really Fake or Did Sydney’s Bullying Get Her Eliminated?

The Bachelor contestants Alayah Benavidez and Sydney Hightower had some major strife in the latest episode that sent Alayah home. But she’ll be back tonight to crash a group date and plead her case to Peter Weber. Her abrupt return has Bachelor fans wondering if not giving Alayah a rose and listening to Sydney was the best move. Especially, because Sydney’s behavior kinda seems to border on bullying. Who do you think Peter should believe?

The Bachelor: The Sydney Hightower & Alayah Benavidez Drama

It seemed to come out of nowhere after a pillow fight group date hosted by Demi Burnett got intense. Bachelor hopeful Sydney Hightower suddenly had some major issues with another contestant, Alayah Benavidez, who beat her in the competition. According to the retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama, she said Alayah was “fake”. Sydney supported her theory by reminding everyone that the other girl was a pageant queen and had plenty of experience playing it up for others.

But Sydney Hightower didn’t keep this information to herself. Instead, she decided to share her hypothesis with Peter Weber at the cocktail party later that night. Although she doesn’t drop Alayah’s name, the information sent The Bachelor’s leading man for a loop. He confronted the women on the date, telling them he wants them to be “real”. Sydney and Alayah exchange words and it only got worse the next day.

Pool Party Gone Wrong

After the drama from the night before, Chris Harrison announces that there’s a change of plans the next morning. Instead of the typical cocktail party before the rose ceremony, they would be having a pool party. It seems like a super fun way for The Bachelor Peter Weber to get to know the girls more, right? Wrong.

What actually happened is the Sydney Hightower and Alayah Benavidez fighting comes to a head. Peter is still worried about some of the women not being there for the right reasons. Alayah tells him that she’s “authentic” and doesn’t know why some of the other girls feel otherwise. Yet, after questioning Victoria P, who knows Alayah from the pageant circuit and says the other girl told her not to let anyone on The Bachelor know they’re friends, Peter’s at a loss. Which is probably why Alayah doesn’t receive a rose later that night.

The Bachelor: Was Sydney Bullying Alayah?

Bachelor fans are split on which woman to believe in this whole situation. Some think Sydney’s behavior bordered on bullying. Maybe there was something she saw that didn’t get shown on television. It was fine when she brought it up the first time and didn’t give Peter Weber specifics. Yet, the pool cocktail party fiasco was a little bit too far.

Although Sydney Hightower claims to be looking out for Peter, it appears as if she was getting rid of the competition. By using Alayah Benavidez’s background as a pageant girl to support her claim. If you watched the video above, you can see Alayah’s response to bullies, which is ironic considering what happened to her. But she’ll be back tonight to ask for a second chance.

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