‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Sees Eye to Eye with ‘Tiger King’?

Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood feels sympathy for Joseph Maldonado-Passage also known as Joe Exotic or the Tiger King because she too recently spent a night behind bars due to domestic violence. Many fans are curious about what exactly is going on in Amber’s life after pleading guilty to domestic battery.

MTV’s Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood’s Plea Deal

Now, Amber Portwood has three unsupervised visits every week with her son James after a judge lifted the order of protection that her ex Andrew Glennon had in place. Andrew had an emergency full and legal custody motion filed right after Amber’s arrest. This order kept MTV Teen Mom‘s Amber from seeing her son after she accepted the plea deal.

For now, Andrew still has primary custody of his son James. But, he and Amber Portwood share joint legal custody of their son. You might recall that Amber met Andrew on the set of a reality show – just not Teen Mom OG. Remember, he worked on the show Marriage Boot Camp when Amber did her season with her other ex Matt Baier.

Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood

Amber Admits Suicidal Thoughts After Losing Custody of Son

Although Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood told her psychiatrist that suicidal thoughts were not on her mind, she admitted to her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley that she was struggling. She also said the suicidal thoughts came when she thought her ex Andrew was trying to take son James to California.

According to Amber, after she told her Teen Mom OG ex Gary about her urges, he stepped up to help. He reminded her that Leah also needed her mom no matter what. She said that Gary also made her reflect on what would Leah do if she lost her mom. This was not the first time that Gary came to the rescue.

The last time the MTV star considered self-harm, Gary was her go-to phone call. Ever since that first save, she has been grateful for his help. While Amber Portwood and Gary haven’t always gotten along on Teen Mom OG, it’s clear he’s still there for her.

Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood & Tiger King Both in Stripes

Watch for Amber on this new season of Teen Mom OG. And during quarantine, she, like many, seems to be watching Tiger King based on a recent social post. Hopefully, those tiger stripes on Netflix will be the only ones she sees. Above, you can check out her orange and white striped duds as she faced a judge in court. Plus, Joe Exotic loves his stripes and also had his day in court.

On Tiger King, Joe Exotic spoke about suicidal thoughts once he was imprisoned. He also mentioned that he didn’t know how much more he could take of being behind bars. This could be why Tiger King resonated with Amber. She’s spent time behind bars and is no stranger to a courtroom.

Amber from Teen Mom said that after her most recent arrest, she fell into a deep depression and admits she has learned a lot from this situation. Now, Amber Portwood says she’s working on herself and promised fans a changed person in this upcoming season after learning from her mistakes.

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