‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Courtney Waldrop Reveals Teen Love Story

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom, Courtney Waldrop, revealed her and Eric’s teen love story. Viewers of the show knew the couple started dating in junior high, but Courtney recently talked about how the two first met.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Reminisces About Meeting Her Husband

Courtney Waldrop recently posted that she first met her Sweet Home Sextuplets husband Eric twenty five years ago. And described the meeting for her fans. Courtney said that she could barely remember where to find her keys or sunglasses on a daily basis. But that she remembered the details of the day she met Eric Waldrop, right down to what she was wearing.

Courtney didn’t describe her clothes, other than to say that she wished she had a picture to show her Sweet Home Sextuplets fans. She insinuated that it wasn’t a great outfit, but that it “wasn’t too bad.” Courtney Waldrop said she met Eric at a basketball game. But that it wasn’t until months later that Eric Waldrop asked Courtney to be his girlfriend. She said that it was love at first sight for her and that, “the rest is history.”

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop - Courtney Waldrop

Courtney Waldrop Grateful Every Day

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom, Courtney Waldrop, said that she’s grateful every day for that meeting. Because she believed that Eric Waldrop was her soulmate. And every day with him just got better and better. Courtney said that Eric is her rock and that he’s made her life a blessing. Especially because he stepped up when they found out she was pregnant with the sextuplets.

Eric Waldrop did everything he could to support his growing Sweet Home Sextuplets family. He worked his own landscape company. Plus, he originally raised sheep at their home. But Eric willingly sold the sheep when Courtney Waldrop asked him to. The family needed the money from the sale to buy a van that would fit all the children. Then, Eric bought cattle to raise. And continued to work full time, take care of the cows, and help with their home improvement renovations.

Courtney Waldrop said that Eric was like Superman. He could do it all. She said that her husband worked extremely hard to support his family. But Eric Waldrop somehow also made the time to spend with his children. And that she’s so lucky to have him.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop - Waldrop Children


Sweet Home Sextuplets: The Waldrops Enjoy a Snow Day

The Sweet Home Sextuplets family recently had a winter storm. Courtney said they expected to just get ice, but that they got a light layer of snow instead. Courtney Waldrop said this was the first time that the sextuplets got to experience and play in the snow. And that the toddlers had a blast. She said the younger children had a love/hate relationship with the snow. Because it was so much fun to play with, but it was so cold. Courtney said they lost feeling in their fingers and toes pretty quickly.

Courtney Waldrop took plenty of pictures to share with all the Sweet Home Sextuplets viewers. And the sextuplets all looked adorable in their big winter jackets and cozy hats and mittens. Courtney said that she wanted to get pictures, but said it was difficult to get everyone together. And she hoped to get some before everything melted. But she said once the sun came out, the snow was gone in just a few minutes. However, the group had a great time playing while it lasted. And were grateful to go inside and get warmed up.

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