‘Swamp People’: Dead Eye Ashley and Ronnie Take on Giant Baby-Making Gators

As Swamp People Season 11 debuts tonight, watch Ashley Jones and Ronnie Adams fight back against giant predatory bull gators taking over the bayou. Because, these big buggers are both aggressive and breeding out of control. This season, the waters are overrun with alligators big enough to pull people under. That puts lives at risk. So, here’s what to expect.

Swamp People’s Season 11: Ashley Jones & Ronnie Adams Get Bit?

Watch for Ashley “Dead Eye” Jones and her pal Captain Ronnie Adams to return strong this season as all the Swamp People need to get busy culling the gator population. The Mississippi ginger, wife, and mom is back with her rifle to take care of business.

Because Ashley Jones with Ronnie Adams and the others need to put an end to the explosive over-breeding among deadly bull gators, at all costs. And the latest info for this season premiere of Swamp People promises an alligator “takes a bite out of” Ronnie Adams and Ashley Jones.

Chumming With Hogs – New Methods This Season on History Channel

Along with Swamp People‘s Ashley Jones hunting the out-of-control gators with Ronnie Adams, others wade into the fray. Joey Edgar and Zak Catchem use wild hogs for chumming the waters to attractive the troublesome critters they need to quell.

Plus, Troy Landy has a dangerous mission with Terral Evans at his side on the Swamp People new season premiere titled Raging Bulls. This season, they’ll also be working game trails to target the alligator population and thin the herd. And there’s a lot to see on History channel tonight.

Swamp People S11 E1 – Whole Cast Turns Out for Premiere

Watch tonight to see not just Ronnie Adams, Ashley Adams, plus Joey and Zak, Troy and Terral. And also, look for Holden Landry, Jay Paul Molinere, and Willie Edwards. Plus, Gerard Singleton, Robert Crochet, Dwaine Edgar, Daniel Edgar, Dusty Crum, and Joseph “Big Tee” Richard.

So, not only is the debut of Swamp People this season jam-packed with over-bred bull gators. But, also most of the cast turns out in the starter episode. Plus, the methods they employ are new and “decidedly risky” according to History channel info.

Get ready for tonight’s Swamp People. Until then, check out some of Willie’s top battles with alligators in the special video above. Then, tune in at 9 pm EST, 8 Central to see the bayou jammed full of deadly predators – and the brave dwellers fighting for ground.

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