‘Survivor’ News: Silas Gaither Arrested and Indicted on Rape and Assault Charges

Survivor: Africa contestant Silas Gaither is facing serious charges of aggravated assault and rape. His arrest is a big surprise to fans of the CBS show.

Silas Gaither was a featured castaway on the show’s 3rd season and actually made some Survivor history. But now Silas is making headlines for crimes including rape and assault back in 2018.

Survivor: Africa’s – Silas Gaither Made History on the Show

Way back in the early days of the CBS reality show, Silas Gaither competed on the 3rd season Survivor: Africa. It aired October to January from 2001 to 2002. Although Silas didn’t end up making it very far, he did make some pretty interesting franchise history.

Silas Gaither was the first-ever castaway to be voted off after a tribal swap. A swap is when Survivor tribes are shuffled and the players have no control over which tribe they will be place in. The Germantown, TN native became the first victim of a tribe swap. He was the 8th person voted off of Survivor: Africa.

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Silas Gaither Arrested on Charges of Rape & Assault

Silas Gaither was arrested on rape and aggravated assault charges on November 25, 2019. The 41-year-old former Survivor player was taken into custody by Shelby County police in connection with an incident on May 10 back in 2018. Shelby County is the county Memphis Tennessee is located in. After his indictment by a grand jury on November 13, a warrant was sent out for his arrest. Silas’ bail is set at $50,000, and was posted on the 20th. He’s due to appear in court next on in the new year on January 9, 2020.

Not the Only Survivor Player to be Arrested

He’s not the first Survivor contestant to be arrested for serious crimes. Others include Mike Skupin due to possession of child pornography and Richard Hatch for tax evasion.

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