Steve Harvey Show ‘STEVE’ Cancelled for Kelly Clarkson? No, Says Rep – Karma, Say Others

Was STEVE – the Steve Harvey Show – cancelled? Not so fast, says Steve Harvey’s rep. With Kelly Clarkson set to take the same time slot as The Steve Harvey Show in the fall of 2019, rumors began to fly that Harvey’s show was cancelled. Days of Our Lives won’t be cancelled, at least that’s the hope of DOOL fans. But neither will The Steve Harvey Show.

STEVE TV Show not cancelled

Kelly Clarkson’s new NBC talk show is called The Kelly Clarkson Show. Clarkson’s talk show will air prior to Ellen in several cities. Those locations include Boston (at a different time), New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Other markets that feature Kelly Clarkson include Hartford, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, Washington D.C., San Diego and Miami.

When The Hollywood Reporter noted that Kelly’s show will “replace Steve Harvey’s Steve and air as a lead-in to Ellen,” it caused confusion. Harvey’s show will remain on the air, even if it might lose its time slot.

Steve Harvey fans up in arms says Harvey’s show is not cancelled. With more than 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, STEVE is a daytime show with a big following. The thought that the Emmy-award winning Harvey would be replaced with Kelly caused an uproar online. But nationally syndicated one-hour daytime show STEVE is fine, says Harvey’s rep.

STEVE may continue to be taped live at a Universal lot in Los Angeles, even if the time slot will shift. STEVE can be found by viewers by checking their local listings or searching their DVR information. In the end, Harvey’s rep wanted fans to know that his show is not cancelled

Say it ain’t so, fans tweet about Kelly Clarkson

As news spread about Harvey’s show being replaced by Kelly Clarkson, fans reacted. “So who thought it was a good idea to cancel Steve Harvey’s LONG RUNNING, WELL ESTABLISHED talk show for Kelly Clarkson’s????” asked one Twitter fan. Others are pointing to his controversial decision to move his show from Chicago to Los Angeles without bringing his crew. And then there was the Harvey staff memo that went viral. It was a piece of writing that was deemed rude by many who read the note to his employees.

“Steve Harvey moved his show from Chicago to LA and he fired the production team, crew there & didn’t bring anyone to LA. Now a year later his show is cancelled lol karma,” tweeted another person. Though the second season of STEVE shows upcoming appearances by Kevin Hart, Tim Allen, Quincy Jones, and Carrie Ann Inaba at 4 p.m. ET in some markets, it’s not clear what season #3 will bring. But clearly, Harvey’s fans want more.

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