Spy Games: Why Was George Jackson Banned From Tinder?

Spy Games‘ player George Jackson admitted he was banned from the dating app Tinder. Spy Games is the newest reality TV show from Bravo. It’s loosely based off a training program the CIA once used. Now instead of spy recruits, Bravo is using fame seekers and giving them a $100 grand prize at the end.

Spy Games Secret: George Jackson Banned from Tinder

Each contestant in Spy Games has a secret. The other Spy Game players try to figure out what that secret is. George Jackson’s big secret is that he was banned from using Tinder. When the show listed off player’s secrets and mentioned that one of the players was banned from a dating app, 99% of the viewers probably said “it must be George”.

Spy Games: George Jackson - Secret, Banned From Tinder Dating Site

The 28-year-old comes off a little awkward on the show. To be fair, it could be due to unfair editing.

What Gets Someone Kicked Off of Tinder?

While on Spy Games, George Jackson didn’t say exactly what caused him to get the boot from Tinder, it must have been because he violated the apps’ “Terms of Use”.

Many people are banned for using multiple profiles Maybe George Jackson had more than one profile. One of the most famous cases was Jake Arredondo from Arizona. He created over 60 profiles, each based around a scene from pop-culture like Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial. He photoshopped himself into the scene and used that as his profile pic.


Tinder Bans Hot Girls and Awkward Guys Like George… A Lot

But, by far the most common reason people are un-invited to use Tinder is because of complaints from other users.

Attractive women are are kicked off a lot because they have rejected multiple men. Some men don’t handle rejection well and will report women’s profiles. If enough reports come in, there’s a good chance the profile will get shut down. It’s easier for Tinder to shut accounts down rather than investigate the issues.

The problem is that Tinder has a box to check that is called “other”. So when a profile is reported, the only reason a person has to give is “other”. In many cases, no abuse has taken place.

But it also, goes the other way and awkward people sometimes get the shaft.

Spy Games’ Hopeful George Jackson is Awkward

Awkward men (like George Jackson) also tend to get their accounts shut down on a regular basis. It’s a fact of life that some people are socially awkward. They may be perfectly nice people, but come across a little creepy online. If enough women (or men) find the person is strange and different it will be reported with the “other” box checked as a reason.

Of course, the ability to report a profile (especially when someone is aggressive or offensive) is crucial to social media. However, Tinder does not have a very good way for a person to respond and defend themselves.

According to dating coach Damien Diecke, some of his clients have been banned for ridiculous reasons. One client was banned for posting a picture on a fishing boat of a fish he just caught. Another was booted for saying the was not religious and didn’t want to date any women that plan to preach to him. And also a man was removed from Tinder because he had a tattoo of a woman in a bathing suit. Damien also told of a transgender woman who was taken off the app because she was openly transgender.

But the most bizarre reason was the guy that was kicked off because he said in a chat that he “wasn’t looking for anything serious”. As Damien says “The list of insanity goes on and on”.

Getting Booted from Dating Apps is Common

On Spy Games, When George says it wasn’t for anything “creepy”, he could be telling the truth. Emphasis on “could be”. Tinder has given the boot to people for posting pictures themselves with endangered animals. Yes, Tinder doesn’t like people building social media status by taking pics with exotic animals that may have been trafficked or drugged. For instance, it’s in Tinder’s Terms of Use policies that you can’t post a selfie with a quokka. It’s an Australian marsupial and an oddly specific reason for a dating app to ban people for.

People have also been banned from Tinder for posting hunting pictures, and as reported above… fishing pictures. Although George Jackson doesn’t seem like much of an outdoors person.

Also some strange reasons for getting banned are resetting a profile too frequently, as in more than once a month. And also, specifying the physical traits of the person you would be interested in.

The comedian and star of the new Lion King, Billy Eichner, was recently banned from Tinder.  He said he has been on Tinder for over 7 years and he is “very nice” and doesn’t do anything naughty or weird.

Tinder told him he violated the Terms of Use. His account was later reinstated.

He assumes he was kicked off the dating app since he’s now a “public person” his profile was reported as a fake profile. He said it also happened to his friend Andy Cohen, the host of “Watch What Happens Live”.

Spy Games: Will George Come Clean?

Hopefully in upcoming episodes of Spy Games, contestant George Jackson will give the viewers some details of how he was banned from Tinder.

It may not be as creepy as we think.

Soap Dirt has more upcoming news for Bravo’s Spy Games. Stay Tuned.