‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Brown Gets Paying Job Outside of Family’s TLC Gig

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown, daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, is officially a working woman. The Brown children are growing up fast before our eyes. Gwendlyn is #10 of 18 children for Kody Brown and the fourth of six for mom Christine. We first met Gwen back in 2010 when she was a few months shy of her 8th birthday.

However, now’s she’s an 18-year-old adult. And she’s got herself a fun new job that’s not related at all to her family’s hit reality tv show Sister Wives on TLC.  So, here’s the lowdown on Gwen’s new paying gig.

Sister Wives Update: Gwendlyn Brown Joins The Workforce

Sister Wives’ daughter Gwendlyn Brown is one of the 10 Brown kids living in Flagstaff with their parents. And now that she is over 18, Gwendlyn is the first of that crew to score herself a job. Additionally, it’s a job she secured all on her own — without her parent’s help.

And no, Gwen isn’t selling LuLaRoe like some of her other moms and siblings. Gwendlyn actually went out on her own. She got herself a job doing something fun that she loves. Sister Wives fans recall Gwen loves to cook.

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Christine Brown & Kody Brown’s Daughter Has Fun New Gig

No doubt, it’s a skill and passion she learned from her Sister Wives mother, Christine. And it’s also no secret what an outgoing personality she has and is great with kids. So it’s a perfect pairing of all her skills that Gwendlyn Brown got a job as a chef on the Polar Express.

Although it’s a seasonal job, it’s a job that earns her own paycheck and opens the door for Gwendlyn outside of the family’s reality television gig. It’s certainly a proud moment for the young adult. And it looks like she’s got the full support of her Sister Wives family as well.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown

Family Visits Gwendlyn Brown At Work

While Gwendlyn Brown was hard at work this holiday season working on The Polar Express as a chef, her family took time to experience the magic. This past Friday night, all the Sister Wives spouses and most of the kids took a ride on the holiday-themed train.

And of course, Chef Gwen Brown was assigned to their car. What a fun and proud experience for the family. They got to see their little girl all grown up and working at her first job. Of course, Gwen must’ve been nervous to wait on her family.

But Gwen has a great sense of humor. Plus, she’s a bit fearless. The Sister Wives offspring even has a daredevil side. All qualities that will serve her well dealing with the public, especially during the hectic holiday season.

Sister Wives: Polar Express New Holiday Tradition

Was a new Brown family holiday tradition born this Christmas? Since the Sister Wives clan lives so close to one of the most visited holiday attractions in Arizona and everyone enjoying the experience so much, perhaps they’ve stumbled upon a new tradition.

The younger children were mesmerized by the ride to the North Pole. In fact, Sister Wives wife Janelle Brown said it best, ” the magic of these events is the best when observed through the eyes of our youngest children”. And now, Gwendlyn Brown’s part of the holiday magic — and gainfully employed.

Sister Wives and Season 14 begins on Sunday, January 5th at 9 pm on TLC.

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