‘Saturday Night Live’ Halloween – New ‘SNL’ Season 44 Shows as Hiatus Ends

Saturday Night Live is a TV destination around the nation’s living rooms every Saturday night, as it offers adult humor to the masses. But season 44 has been on a hiatus, which means reruns. This hiatus included SNL running repeats of the first three weeks of this season. So when can the show’s fans expect new shows from this long-running weekend venue?

Saturday Night Live Halloween Special

While it’s not tonight, the good news is you only have one more week to wait. But it’s worth tuning into tonight’s show as NBC airs the SNL Halloween Special.

Tonight’s show includes some of the funniest Halloween sketches pulled from the 43 previous SNL seasons. Once the sketches air, the SNL Halloween Special continues with  “David S. Pumpkins,” a Saturday Night Live fan-favorite for this time of the year.

SNL Season 44 Hiatus Comes to an End – New Shows!

Saturday Night Live prepares to kick it up a few notches when it returns with new episodes next week. It’s confirmed, SNL has Jonah Hill as guest host the for the first episode back after their hiatus. Saturday Night Live will return with their new shows on Saturday, November 4.

This is Jonah Hill’s fourth time hosting SNL. The musical guest for the November 4 episode is Maggie Rogers. This will be her first time on the iconic adult comedy venue.

Saturday Night Live Brings Back David S. Pumpkins

While some fans might be disappointed that the new shows for season 44 don’t include something for Halloween. But…  tonight’s show is worth watching. So what does SNL have in store for Saturday night, October 27?

Saturday Night Live does a great job with this spooky holiday. Some of the show’s more memorable sketches include Halloween themes. Who can forget David S. Pumpkins? Check out Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins in the video below.

According to the TV menus and guides, you will see David S. Pumpkins again tonight, along with some of the best Halloween sketches from past shows. Tonight this two-part show will start with the Halloween sketches that conjured up the laughs in the past.

SNL – Best of 43 Seasons of Halloween

The best-of sketches from past Halloween episodes first made its appearance last year. It is not known if SNL will swap out some of the clips shown last year for other ones this time around.

Last years best-of Halloween sketches included some from the beginning of SNL with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain. Bill Hader was also featured with his unforgettable Vincent Price impression.

While the venue is not new tonight, folks consider these Halloween clips some of the best from the 43 seasons of Saturday Night Live. Following the Halloween sketches, is the now annual Halloween tradition of The David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special.

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