‘Return to Amish’ Spoilers: Jeremiah Raber Hunts for Biological Family

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Jeremiah Raber is on the hunt for his biological family. He has his wife, Carmela Raber, join him as he meets potential relatives. However, his journey to discovering his life before being adopted into the Amish community gets emotional.

Return to Amish Spoilers: The Return of Jeremiah Raber & Wife Carmela

Jeremiah Raber is coming back for season six of Return to Amish. However, he isn’t alone. His wife, Carmela Raber, will also be joining him. Jeremiah and Carmela previously dealt with a lot of issues in their marriage. At one point, they almost called it quits. But, they didn’t give up on their relationship and have been able to work it out. Now, the TLC couple is moving forward and focusing on their future together.

Return to Amish spoilers hint that Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Raber’s marriage is stronger than ever. This season Jeremiah tries to find out more about his past and where he came from. He has his other half, Carmela, by his side for support. He tries to find out more about his life before he was adopted into the Amish community.

Return to Amish: Jeremiah Raber - Carmela Raber

Jeremiah Raber Searches for Family Members

Jeremiah Raber was adopted by the Amish community before he turned two. Return to Amish spoilers show that he is looking for his biological family. However, the task proves to be difficult when he starts to face challenges and tragedy. Jeremiah says that he particularly wants to meet his birth father. However, it may not be easy for him to find his relatives. But, he does have some luck while on the hunt.

Return to Amish spoilers indicate that Jeremiah Raber meets an older gentleman who seems to be his biological father.  The man tells him that he wants to do all the “father and son things” that they’ve never been able to do before. So, they head out on a motorcycle ride for a little daddy-son bonding time. Jeremiah seems to get close to this man. They even share a hug. This father figure also tells the TLC star that he loves him.

Return to Amish: Jeremiah Raber

Return to Amish Celeb Gets Emotional during Search

Jeremiah Raber’s search for his long lost family becomes an emotional roller-coaster for him. He meets up with more people who try to help him on his journey. A man tells Jeremiah that he didn’t even know of his existence, and that was hard for him to hear. But, this man helps Jeremiah get in contact with a relative who may know more about his birth family.

Return to Amish spoilers show that Jeremiah Raber speaks to a lady who claims to be his grandmother. Hearing the lady’s voice becomes emotional for him. He starts to cry while on the phone with her. Jeremiah’s journey of finding his birth family becomes interesting, and he learns a lot. Watch his journey unfold when the new season returns on March 22 only on TLC.

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