‘Return to Amish’: Rebecca Schmucker Talks Healing from Childhood Trauma

Return to Amish star Rebecca Schmucker recently spoke about healing from childhood trauma. She may no longer be Amish, but her time in the community as a young child still haunts her.

Return to Amish: Rebecca Schmucker Opens Up about Younger Days

Rebecca Schmucker grew up in an Amish community. However, she knew there was more to life than living under strict rules. So, the Return to Amish celeb left everything she knew for a fresh start in the outside world. It wasn’t always easy for Rebecca. She had a lot of ups and downs. But, those times shaped the person she is today.

The Return to Amish reality star recently spoke about her younger days. Over the past eleven years, a lot has changed for Rebecca Schmucker. She took a look back at old pictures of herself and noticed that she looks mad when she’s listening to someone talk. Rebecca said that she’s not always angry, despite what her face shows. In one of the first photos she has of herself, she said that she was only 18.

Return to Amish: Rebecca Schmucker

Rebecca Grows From Past Trauma

Rebecca Schmucker enjoys looking back at old photos of herself. The Return to Amish alum likes to see how far she has come. According to Rebecca, she had to learn a lot after leaving the Amish. These pictures remind her how much she has grown over the past decade. Rebecca knows that she’s not perfect and still has more to learn. But, she has come a long way from where she started.

Rebecca Schmucker from Return to Amish went through a lot of trauma in her younger days. Growing up Amish, she didn’t have a childhood like kids in the outside world do. Rebecca went through a traumatic experience when she had her teeth pulled out at a young age and had to wear dentures, which is common in the Amish community.

However, over the years, Rebecca Schmucker has been working towards healing from her troubled past. According to her, the more she recovers, the fewer panic attacks she has. She also said that she no longer has nightmares.

Return to Amish: Rebecca Schmucker - Mary Schmucker

Return to Amish Celeb Happy with Changes

Rebecca Schmucker shared that she has made many changes in her life since leaving her strict community. She now has a husband, two daughters and a family that always supports her. However, the people she surrounds herself with aren’t the only changes she made. Rebecca said that she no longer thinks the same way. She now has a different outlook on life. She also said that she is “much happier today” than when she was in the past.

The Return to Amish TLC star left the reality television world for a life out of the public eye. Being on the show, Rebecca Schmucker didn’t like the constant criticism from viewers. However, she now doesn’t care what people think of her. Rebecca said that she’s fine that people don’t like her. She isn’t looking to fit in.

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