‘Return to Amish’: Jeremiah Raber’s Murder Filled Origin Story

Return to Amish star Jeremiah Raber found out that his past is rooted in murder. He is on a mission to uncover his family’s history. But, it hasn’t been an easy road for him.

Return to Amish: Jeremiah Raber Searches for Biological Family

In the new season of Return to Amish, Jeremiah Raber wants to know more about his family story. He was adopted into the Amish community at a very young age. So, he doesn’t know much about where he came from. But, Jeremiah has met his biological mother. However, he felt rejected by her. And now he’s on the hunt to search for his biological father.

The Return to Amish reality star had met up with a man his mom claimed to be his father. Dennis welcomed Jeremiah Raber with open arms and wanted to build a strong bond with him. However, Jeremiah didn’t feel an instant connection he thought he would have with his dad.

Return to Amish: Jeremiah Raber - Carmela Raber

Jeremiah Finds Out Shocking Truth about Father

Jeremiah Raber asked Dennis if he would take a DNA test to confirm he is his parent. Dennis didn’t hesitate to take the test. However, Jeremiah from Return to Amish got the bad news that Dennis wasn’t his birth father. He was distraught after finding out the results. He hoped that he and Dennis would have been able to have a close relationship.

However, Jeremiah Raber from Return to Amish did get a big break in his search for his biological father. He found out his name is Larry. Dennis told the TLC star that he knew that person. He even shared what he knew about him. Dennis said that Larry is no longer alive. According to Dennis, Jeremiah’s mom got pregnant by her sister’s husband. His birth dad — who is also his uncle— was then murdered by his aunt.

Return to Amish: Jeremiah Raber

Return to Amish Celeb Makes Crucial Phone Call

After hearing the devastating news, Jeremiah Raber feared that his relatives blame him for the murder since he was the result of the affair. However, his wife, Carmela Raber, was able to locate a member of his family that could possibly be able to help them get more information. She thought it would be a good idea for Jeremiah to give him a call and see what he can tell them.

The Return to Amish TLC star was hesitant to make the phone call. Jeremiah Raber has been through a lot of rejection. He felt that if his family didn’t want anything to do with him, he’d be very hurt. But, he took the chance and made the crucial phone call. Jeremiah told the man on the phone that there is a chance they’re cousins. The man then confirmed that they are related and should meet up in person to talk about Larry.

In the upcoming episode, Jeremiah Raber heads to Michigan to get answers from his cousin. He is one step closer to uncovering his family history.

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