‘OutDaughtered’: Blayke Busby Gets the Only Child Treatment

OutDaughtered’s oldest daughter Blayke Busby enjoyed some special alone time with her mother, Danielle Busby. It’s not often the oldest Busby daughter gets one or both or her parents all to herself. So although the day started with a not so fun appointment, it certainly ended sweet for Blayke.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby Has One-On-One Time With Her Mom

OutDaughtered mother of six, Danielle Busby rewards her brave girl after her ordeal at the orthodontist. It’s an infrequent occurrence for Blayke Busby to get time alone with either of her parents. After all, usually, the family goes places as a group of eight. So after the two took care of business, a little one-on-one mother-daughter time was in order.

Sometimes Danielle and Adam Busby do a divide and conquer and split the OutDaughtered kids up. However, today Blayke had her mom all to herself. So it was like she was an only child again. With so many sisters at home, it was a nice change of pace to be the only daughter– even if only for an afternoon.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby - Blayke Busby

Danielle Busby Tries to Make Each Daughter Feel Special

It’s not easy running a household as busy as the OutDaughtered’s family. However, Danielle and her husband, Adam, make it look easy. Often the parents of a six-pack of girls wonder if each child gets enough time of their own with them. In the past, the Busbys tried to make a point to make a special day with each of their children for their birthdays without any sisters. Of course, this year, all six Busby girls celebrated their birthdays while quarantined.

However, it is far more special when a daughter gets one of their parents all to themselves. Blayke had that pretty much regularly before the quints were born. So for the first four years of her life, Blayke Busby was an only child. Of course, now she loves being the oldest and a big sister in the OutDaughtered family. Still, there are many times every oldest child dreams of the days they were the only kid in the family. So, today was a day reminiscent of many in Blayke’s younger years.

OutDaughtered ; Danielle Busby - Blayke Busb

OutDaughtered: Fans Guessed What Blayke Busby Ordered

Fans of OutDaughtered loved to see Danielle’s mini-me enjoying her sweet, frosty treat. The place they went to is known for delicious candy and cookie mix-ins. So, of course, questions were asked about what was in her Blayke’s cup. The guesses ran the gamut. Many fans offered their favorite go-to at this shop as well.

At last, Danielle said Blayke picked Oreo as her choice that day. Certainly a popular pick by many. Blayke Busby, no doubt, enjoyed her special treat; however, she most enjoyed the special one-on-one quality alone time with just her mom.

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