‘OutDaughtered’: Aunt KiKi Wows Fans with Frosty New Look

OutDaughtered‘s Aunt KiKi is getting a lot of attention from fans with her frosty new updated look. And it looks like she went through a lot to make it happen.

OutDaughtered: Aunt KiKi Is Looking Great

Danielle Busby’s sister Crystal Mills, known as Aunt KiKi on OutDaughtered, is spicing things up. Even though she had to wear a mask to make it work, she got some serious highlights. Her highlights look great, and she said, “Thanks for making me so blonde.”

She even said that being under the hairdryer with a mask on was bearable because her hair looks so good now. It looks like she’s ready for her closeup if there’s anymore taping going on for OutDaughtered.

Both KiKi and Danielle get great discounts at their favorite salon. After all, it is their sister Ashley Mowbray’s shop. We’ve seen it on the show a few times when the quints and Blayke went to get their hair fixed.

OutDaughtered: Aunt Kiki

While Mom Is Away, the Uncle Will Play

While Crystal got her hair done, her kids McKenzie and Bronson were with their Uncle Adam Busby from OutDaughtered. And since it was Shark Week, the kids asked to watch Jaws. Adam said he told Uncle Dale Mills and Crystal Mills that she was going to let them watch.

After that, he washed his hands of all responsibility for traumatizing Crystal and Dale’s kids. If they have nightmares or don’t want to swim in the water anymore, he says it’s not his fault. But we guess we will see what happens the next time they take the kids to enjoy a great vacation, and they won’t go in the water.

Since the Crystal and the Busby family tend to take vacations together, it’s likely Adam from OutDaughtered will get saddled with calming down the kids. Even if he says it’s not his fault.

OutDaughtered: Aunt Kiki

OutDaughtered: Crystal Mills and The Bonds of Sisterhood

Fans of OutDaughtered love to see the closeness between Danielle and her two sisters Ashley and KiKi. Even though Danielle isn’t their triplet, they do seem like they all have an equal bond. Ashley is Aunt LiLi on the show.

These sisters share openly with each other, but they also share on the TLC show. This is one of the things that makes the show so interesting, and, of course, how can anyone forget Crystal’s husband Dale? Dale is always in the mix making it interesting. And fans are sure he’s going to love Crystal’s new look.

Aunt KiKi is doing some great promo for her sister’s shop. And before long, she might be sporting her new locks on the latest taping of OutDaughtered.

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