‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Shows Off His Wild Feminine Side

OutDaughtered‘s Adam Busby isn’t afraid to get a little wild. And this time it is all caught on camera. This girl dad is showing off some of his feminine side and having a little fun with his girls.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Primps Like a Girl

In one of the early episodes of OutDaughtered, we learn that Adam Busby is serious about his hair. When his mother in law Mimi Theriot moved in with them, it did not go well when she took his hairdryer. In fact, that was one of Adam’s biggest gripes when it came to Mimi living with them.

Even his OutDaughtered wife Danielle Busby knows not to touch any of Adam’s hair stuff. He is very serious about doing his morning blowout. And if Adam Busby doesn’t get to do it, he’s going to wear a hat for the day. But despite how serious he is about his hair, he let Ava give him a little makeover recently. She put a few hair ties in his hair, but then he quickly grabbed a hat and put it over his hair.

It’s a good thing that Adam Busby from OutDaughtered knows how to do hair. With six little girls, we are sure it comes in handy.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby shared that he had a girl’s dad moment. And not only that, but he couldn’t get the nail polish off his fingernails before running errands. He said that this is one of the times he was glad he had to wear a mask into the store.

His advice is to be the dad to dive into the girliness of things. And have some fun with your daughters. We remember that Adam and Uncle Dale did this one time for Blayke Busby’s special birthday party sleepover. And Danielle from the TV series OutDaughtered even said that Adam looked good with his makeup on.

When you have that many little girls if you don’t’ wear makeup and polish at some point, something is up. But this OutDaughtered cast has got dad covered—covered in polish.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: More Fun to Come in Season 8

Fans of the quints and OutDaughtered were excited to find out that the new season is already taping. We first found this out when Adam Busby posted photos that included the TLC producer. The producer was doing a dance with some of the older girls.

But don’t worry, everyone is staying socially distanced on their adventures. The whole OutDaughtered crew was down in Canyon Lake, Texas, on their first-ever RV trip. It seems like everything went well, and it looks like everyone had a great time. They even celebrated Uncle Dale’s daughter McKenzie Mills’ birthday while they were there.

There’s so much to come on the new season of OutDaughtered and fans are excited to see the behind the scenes.

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