‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Pampers Girls After ‘Hard Day’ at School

OutDaughtered‘s Adam Busby has five daughters in private school and one daughter in public school. And it seems like the younger girls had a “hard day” at school, and dad aimed to make them feel better.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby’s Kids Get Back to School

Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby had a major challenge when school closed due to COVID-19. Teaching a child is no joke, but when you have the whole OutDaughtered crew to teach—that’s next level. Neither Adam nor Danielle had a stress-free teaching situation, and they were ready to get the kids back to school.

The last season of OutDaughtered ended abruptly. Adam Busby did his best to self-tape, but it was a lot of work, so it didn’t last too long. And it was months later before things started to get back to normal—including school.

Danielle and Adam Busby chose to put the quints in private school. But Blayke Busby stayed at her normal school, and it looks like that’s how it will be for right now. And it seems like the girls like it, but Adam said they needed some help after a “hard day” at school.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

Adam Gives Girls Massages

The OutDaughtered girls got home from school and right to work on dad. Adam used a handheld massager to massage the girl’s feet. It seemed like they were having more fun goofing off than enjoying a massage.

Adam Busby sounded like he was joking about their rough day. And it seemed like they were having a good time with their dad. Danielle joked that she thought she was getting the massage.

Adam of OutDaughtered does his best to make sure his girls feel special. And goofing off massages are the perfect way to bond with your little ones. But it does sound like Danielle Busby is ready for her turn with the massager.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: Getting Back to Normal

TLC’s Adam Busby and his family have found as much “normal” as they can. Despite hurricanes and pandemics, the girls are thriving. Now that the OutDaughtered kids are back in school, things are a lot easier for these parents.

Trying to teach kids, run businesses, and keep your marriage together is no easy task. OutDaughtered dad, Adam, and his family didn’t stay away from family because of the virus for long. In fact, not long ago, they went on an RV trip with Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills and MiMi.

Viewers of OutDaughtered shared how happy they were to see the show taping. After the quick stop last season, everyone wants to see the behind the scenes of what’s happening with the Busbys. And it doesn’t look like fans will have to wait too much longer.

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