OutDaughtered: Adam and Danielle Busby React To Coronavirus

OutDaughtered parents Danielle Busby and hubby Adam Busby are in shock by COVID. Plus, they’re stressed to the max with school closing and Hazel Busby’s eyesight worsening. Check out how Adam and wife Danielle feel about quarantine during Coronavirus.

TLC’s OutDaughtered: The Busby’s in Shock

At the start of the COVID outbreak, OutDaughtered quintuplet parents Adam Busby and Danielle Busby took off on vacation. Fans will recall, the entire brood went skiing in Wyoming. Then, after a week of checking out of reality, everything changed.

Of course, they were in shock to see the news and how businesses were beginning to close down. Soon, they are in for a tough time when they return home to no school or activities. Clearly, being in quarantine with six kids will not be easy. So, they’re nervous about what it will be like when they get home to Texas on OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Grace Busby - Danielle Busby

Danielle Busby and Adam Busby Nervous to Homeschool

Coming up on OutDaughtered, Danielle and husband Adam return home to face life during self-isolation. Soon, the quints’ school will be close and they must figure out how to do school at home. No doubt, it will be difficult to get the girls to concentrate on schoolwork while in the atmosphere of the home.

Plus, they are all in different classes this year which has helped them tremendously. So, being together again during school time is sure to cause issues. Now, it’s safe to say Danielle and hubs Adam will have their hands full more than ever. And, they’re worried about how they are going to pull this off on OutDaughtered.


OutDaughtered: Adam and Danielle Worry for Hazel

Hazel Grace’s eye condition, Nystagmus, is a bit worse these days on OutDaughtered. Now, she is starting to turn her head again. However, what’s more concerning is that she now sees double without her glasses. So, her eye muscles are getting worse. Now, Danielle and her husband Adam worry she will need another surgery.

Also, Danielle Busby thinks it’s getting harder to get through to Hazel. Lately, they are trying to make her understand that she needs to share details with them so they can help her. But, she doesn’t want to open up. Of course, it breaks Danielle’s heart because it must be scary for her littlest quint. So, she’s worried she may shut down with Dr Megan during their video visit.

Besides that, it must be nerve-wracking to know they can’t physically bring her to the doctor. And that her surgery will likely have to wait. Don’t miss new episodes of OutDaughtered every Tuesday at 9 pm on TLC to keep up with Adam Busby and his feisty wife Danielle Busby during the quarantine.

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