NBC ‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Shawn Unmasks Princess Gina – Will She Hurt Hope’s Son?

Days of our Lives spoilers inform that Shawn Brady‘s (Brandon Beemer) in Salem soon and that means time’s up for Princess Gina von Amberg (Kristian Alfonso). Already, many people in town noticed Hope Brady’s not herself. But her son can sort this out. But, will that put him in danger on DOOL? Because Princess Gina may take him out to stop him from busting her.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Shawn Brady Catches Princess Gina von Amberg Off Guard

DOOL spoilers have Shawn Brady arriving next week at Rafe Hernandez’s (Galen Gering) invitation. Because, he and others suspect that Hope’s not in her right mind. And, they couldn’t be more right. Soon, Rafe tells Hope’s son all about the strange things he’s noticed his “mom” doing.

So, Days of our Lives spoilers say this worries Shawn Brady once he hears all the signs. Because, Princess Gina’s true colors shine through her faux-Hope exterior. She’s smoking, lurking where she shouldn’t be, and making moves on John Black (Drake Hogestyn).

Shawn Brady’s critical to this investigation on Days of our Lives. Spoilers remind that Shawn has a history with both Hope and also Princess Gina von Amberg. So, it shouldn’t take too long for Shawn to figure out that’s not really his mom – despite appearances.

DOOL Spoilers: Fake Hope Brady Busted by Her Son

It looks from Days of our Lives spoilers that it won’t take Shawn Brady long to figure out that Princess Gina’s taken over his mom’s life. Because, his expertise is just what’s needed to crack the “what’s up with Hope” case. And, it looks like Shawn Brady does it in record time. But, what then?

While everyone else has spent months getting accustomed to strange new Hope, Shawn comes in with fresh eyes and sees in an instant. So, you can bet Rafe’s shocked, per Days of our Lives spoilers. What Shawn has to say will be hard to hear – or believe. But, this is Salem, after all.

Wait to see Shawn Brady tell Rafe that Hope doesn’t seem like herself because she’s not. Her mind was hijacked by a madman who implanted Princess Gina there instead. But that leads to a bigger Days of our Lives dilemma. Because, Princess Gina is in charge of Hope. What can they do?

Days of Our Lives: How Will Shawn Brady Get His Mom Free from Princess Gina?

Remember, from Days of our Lives history that Shawn Brady solved a Princess Gina/Hope swap before. So, he knows the signs. But once he sorts it out, what can he do to save his mother? Because the architect of the memory implant ran out of town. That’s Dr Rolfe (William Utay).

However, Stefano DiMera AKA “Stevano” (Stephen Nichols) knows where he’s hiding out on Days of our Lives. Spoilers hint he’ll only be helpful if Shawn Brady figures out Stevano’s a fake too. Maybe then, Shawn can be the one to save both his mom and Patch. Unless they do him harm first.

So, there’s tense action ahead once Shawn Brady shows up. Watch and see how quickly he figures out Princess Gina’s running the show so he can kick her out and save his mom on DOOL on NBC daytime.

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