‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Cries Over Special Guy

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Thore is feeling blue over a very special guy. She said she misses spending time with him and their closeness. And she tried to console fans that were missing her by saying she would be back on the air in November.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Quarantine Hit Whitney Thore Hard

Since everything went down in March, Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life says she doesn’t leave the house much. It seems like the camera crew followed her around during the pandemic. But she didn’t go out of her house much.

Fans of the Lifetime’s MBFFL worry that things might be a little bit of a snooze. But other viewers say that Whitney will be sure to entertain everyone—even if she’s staying at home. Whatever the case, Whitney said that quarantine life didn’t agree with her.

Many of her plans for the year vanished with COVID. Her weightlifting is on hold, and she can’t train because she doesn’t have the equipment. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star also said that her mental health is suffering during this time of isolation.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore - Todd Beasley

Whitney Misses Her Friend Todd Beasley

The one friend Whitney Thore talks about missing most is Todd Beasley. Recently, Todd and a couple of her other friends hung out with her in Asheville, North Carolina. They didn’t go far, but Whitney was very thankful she got to see her pal, Todd.

Even “puppy girl” got to come along for the ride. But it was Todd that really stole the show when Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life posted pictures. Fans commented that Todd looked amazing with his new darker hair.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans also said he looked really fit. He shared a shirtless photo, and the viewers went wild. Whitney Thore didn’t seem to care either way what fans said about her bud. She was just happy to have him there with her.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore - Todd Beasley

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Bracing for a Rough Season

Fans asked Whitney how she thought this season would go. The newest season of the TLC show will be out before the end of the year. And fans wanted to know if they would find out what happened with her ex-fiance, Chase Severino.

Whitney Thore told watchers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life that Chase reconnected with an old lover. And that the relationship resulted in them having a baby. But that was all she said when the whole disaster came out.

Now fans want to know the details, and Whitney said to prepare for a rough season. She said her mental health is suffering, and she doesn’t feel like herself.

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