My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Blame Whitney For Fertility Misinformation – Age Really A Factor?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore is being blamed by fans for giving out fertility misinformation. They believe there is more to her fertility issues than just her age. In the new season of the TLC show, Whitney expresses that she is ready to be a mother.

She realizes that adoption may not be an option for her. Therefore, she takes further steps to make sure her eggs are viable at the age of 34 for other pregnancy options. But viewers express that her age is not the reason for the problems she may face getting pregnant.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Thore’s Weight A Fertility Factor?

Whitney Thore was told by an adoption agency that her weight is an issue for adopting a Korean child. With that option shut down, Whitney is afraid that her eggs are not viable at her age. However, fans feel like her age is not the big problem.

Many My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers in their thirties expressed the fact that their doctors have told them that their eggs are fine. They have been told that they should only see a doctor if they are 35 and older and having a hard time getting pregnant. One said Whitney Thore “spreading the message that her 34 year old eggs are basically all dead” upsets her.

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Fans Criticize TLC Star for Fertility Fibs

According to some Whitney Thore’s critics: “some healthy women have kids at 40 years old. Keyword healthy.” They pointed out the fact that Whitney’s health is a factor when becoming a mother. These My Big Fat Fabulous Life critics shared their opinions online.

They seem firm that Whitney Thore is giving out wrong information about fertility and that her issues are her health and weight. Based on these comments, they see Whitney Thore as more concerned about the age of her eggs than that her weight may cause problems as she pursues her dream of motherhood.

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Whitney Thore Not Looking At All Possible Options?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans fans were confused when not all options were given to Whitney. One fan brought up the fact that there was no mention of a private adoption on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. There is a possibility that there is a young women who is not ready to take care of a child. One young woman may be willing to let Whitney Thore adopt her child.

There is also the option of fostering a child. According to one fan, there are plenty of children in the country who are in need of a home. Many fans don’t agree with the idea of international surrogacy. They seem to think it’s outlandish to let someone you barely know carry your child for you without you being in the same country.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life followers expressed that these surrogate mothers tend to be underpaid. This is why it is so cheap. If these mothers are not being paid well, then they may not be receiving adequate prenatal care. This is something no mother wants to have to think about when someone else is carrying their child.

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Fans Offer Another Perspective

Not everyone is against Whitney’s decisions. Some fans explain how pregnancies after the age of 35 are considered “high risk” even if the mother is healthy. A women’s egg count tends to drop dramatically after the age of 35. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a child. It just means it may be harder to get pregnant.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star also has PCOS. Some fans explain do not think her weight or age is the issue. There are plenty of overweight women who are over that benchmark age that conceived a child. It is the fact that she has PCOS that could make it difficult. With PCOS, eggs don’t release her as they should. Therefore, the issue could make it hard for her to get pregnant.

Whitney Thore is really no different from any other woman who wants to become a mother. Unfortunately, she has a lot of obstacles she has to overcome in order for that to happen. Whitney has a lot going on in her personal life and family life that need her attention. Will Whitney Thore become a mother after all? Watch the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC to find out!

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