‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Pregnant or Engaged – New Post Teases Big Change

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans think Whitney Thore is pregnant because of a recent post. Her followers have many questions in advance of the new season. However, after a recent post by Whitney, the question they’re pondering now is if she is pregnant. But there’s also hints she may be engaged. So what’s the big news Whitney’s got to share?

Whitney Thore posted she has some big news to announce this week. So, now My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans wonder if that news is that the 35-year-old is expecting a child with her mystery man. Many times when reality stars announce they have big news, it’s a pregnancy. Now fans are flooding social media with baby questions. But it might also be that her man put a ring on it…

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Wants To Be A Mom

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, Whitney Thore, has said she wants to be a mother. However, she has yet to find the right man to settle down with and start a family as season 6 wrapped. But even without the significant other, Whitney considered having a child with her bestie and dance partner Todd Beasley. Although Whitney’s parents, Glenn Thore and Barbara “Babs” Thore, want a grandbaby they want t see their daughter with a husband first.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore postings suggest that she could be pregnant according to fans. She finally has a new man in her life. A man whose identity has yet to be disclosed. However, we will meet him as the new season airs. So with a man in her life, a baby could be a possibility. Certainty a baby would be fantastic news for Whitney. Almost a miracle considering her struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). PCOS is a disorder that causes ovaries to become enlarged and develop small cysts. Whitney has also discussed that her weight could be an issue when trying to become pregnant.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Update: Signs Hint Whitney Thore Might Be Pregnant?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum Whitney Thore shared a post a few days ago that adds steam to the rumor that she could be pregnant. She posted that she’s recovering from an illness. Fans think that illness very well might be morning sickness.

Then in the same post, she shared she received a speeding ticket. Perhaps Whitney was speeding to get to a bathroom. It’s pretty common knowledge that pregnant ladies need to pee often form the pressure the baby puts on their bladder.

So there are several hints that lead fans to think the MBFFL celeb is pregnant. However- it’s more likely that she’s planning another big life change – getting married to Chase Severino.

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Is the TLC Star Engaged to Chase Severino?

It’s far more likely that Whitney’s big announcement coming later this week will be about Chase Severino. The news might be that the My Big Fat Fabulous Life celebrity is engaged.  Whitney has been very tight-lipped on her new man’s identity, but Soap Dirt has revealed that Whitney Thore’s fiance’s name is Chase Severino.

Pictures taken in Paris suggest that the MBFFL couple might have gotten engaged when in the city of lights. There’s a picture of Chase Severino with Whitney Thore’s hand partially under his jacket. It’s plausible that she was taking precautions to hide an engagement ring from accidentally being photographed.  Especially if the news will be part of her Season 7 storyline. Additionally, Chase Severino also shared the same picture. Seems like there’s a lot of My Big Fat Fabulous news that could be announced as the “big” news this week.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is on TLC, Tuesday nights. Season 7 premieres January 7th.

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