‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Chase Severino Puts Whitney Thore behind Him – Basks in New Dad Life

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Thore is in Chase Severino‘s rear-view mirror. It seems like he has a new take on life now that he has a daughter. But how much of the show was true and what was fiction? Some things don’t add up.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chases Severino Moves On Too Fast?

The newest photos of Chase Severino’s daughter shed new light on things. Fans of Whitney Thore think he’s very comfortable with this woman. He posted photos of him, her, and the baby together and looked very happy.

There have been rumors that the whole Chase and Whitney relationship was a fake. Were Whitney Thore and Chase Severino dating at all? There is a lot of speculation, but so far, no one can prove it either way. And it’s unlikely either Chase or Whitney will ever tell.

Whatever the case, it seems like Chase from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is more than happy to move on. He’s enjoying watching football with his baby. But so far, there aren’t any other pictures of the baby’s mom. Only the one when she gave birth. And despite the fact that the baby was supposedly due in Oct, she does not look like a preemie—and this adds fuel to the fire.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino

MBFFL: Whitney Thore Doesn’t Blink Over Chase’s Baby

Even though Chase Severino is putting Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life behind him, it appears the feeling is mutual. In fact, Whitney didn’t say anything about Chase’s new daughter. And she chose to go on a trip with friends instead.

Chase was enjoying football with his daughter. And Whitney was out in Asheville, North Carolina with Tal Fish, Todd Beasley, and Buddy Bell as well as “Puppy Girl.” Instead of dealing with each other head-on, it seems like they are going to ignore each other.

This strategy makes sense since My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, Whitney Thore, won’t have to deal with Chase Severino again. Even though her business partner Ryan Andreas is friends with Chase, that doesn’t mean she has to be. And it doesn’t seem like Ryan wants to force her to, either.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Want to Know What Happened with Whitney & Chase

When Chase Severino shared that he was going dark and to contact Whitney, fans went wild. Whitney went dark herself and did not answer fan questions. She may have done this because of her NDA. Or it might have been too painful for her to see all the many comments.

Most of the viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life wanted to console Whitney. But others continued to say the relationship was fake. And that the news he had another life got out and they had to cover it up.

Critics of the TLC show said Chase Severino was a bad actor. And they should have chosen someone that could look at Whitney Thore with love. But, it doesn’t appear Chase minds the drama, and he’s living his best life.

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