‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Buddy Bell has Bloody Breakup? [Pics]

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Buddy Bell caught fan attention because of what looks like a bloody breakup. Cameras caught him when he didn’t expect them to be there, and it looks like he has blood on the side of his head.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Buddy Bell Head Injury?

TLC viewers recently met his then-girlfriend, Brittany, on the latest episode. Buddy Bell of My Big Fat Fabulous Life invited her over to a get together, and it seems like they were even staying together part of the time.

But cameras camped outside of MBFFL star Whitney Thore’s townhouse caught him coming out. He was coming out to get some things from Brittany, and that’s when you see the dark red that looks like blood. He also didn’t look happy to see the camera crew even though they said “hi”.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers wonder if something bad happened that caused them to break up. Buddy Bell hinted they broke up because of Whitney. But not everyone is buying that excuse.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Buddy Bell

Buddy Bell Falls Hard

Whitney Thore talked with Buddy Bell after he saw Brittany off after hanging out at the cabin. It looked like Buddy really fell for this girl because he admitted to saying he loved her. They had only been dating for about a week. And Whitney Thore thought he was going too fast.

Funny enough, when they were walking off, Whitney tripped. My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb Whitney was fine, but says that she couldn’t have made it through the tough time without Buddy. She admitted she was codependent with Buddy.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers said that both Buddy Bell and Whitney fall hard quickly. And many fans wish they would just get together since they already seem like an odd married couple. But it doesn’t seem like that will happen since Buddy Bell fell hard again and is living with another girl.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Buddy Bell

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Living with the New Girl

Buddy Bell of My Big Fat Fabulous Life seemed to be very happy with his new girlfriend. In fact, he showed off their newly designed bedroom area. Fans thought it looked great but wondered what the length of the relationship was.

Buddy said he’s having the time of his life making his apartment look like a home. He said he and his girlfriend Kourtney would be glad to give design tips. And fans said that they did a great job making the room look cozy.

Viewers are glad that Buddy worked out whatever bloody mess he had with Brittany. And say that things seem like they are going a lot better with the new relationship.

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