‘Mountain Men’ Season 7: ‘Labor Pains’ – Jason and Mary Hawk’s Baby Coming

Mountain Men Season 7 Episode 3 ‘Labor Pains’ starts with Jason Hawk and Mary Hawk about to have baby number two. Mary’s labor contractions are hitting hard, and they debate calling midwife Maria. The History Channel show is filled with lots of baby drama.

Mary Hawk is in pain. Jason Hawk has to get to higher ground to get cell signal and make the call. Mountain Men S7, E3 ‘Labor Pains’ aired Thursday, August 2. He has to leave Mary Hawk alone, about go into labor at any time.

Mountain Men – Mary Hawk in labor

Mary says it feels like when she had River. She curses as she walks around hurting on Mountain Men. Mary wants the midwife there but it’ll be an hour or more since she lives far away and they are 75 miles from the closest hospital. She paces and worries.

The midwife is on the way but is over an hour away. Mary Hawk struggles in pain. Jason goes to prepare the hogan. Jason Hawk must get it warmed up for the birth. Her devoted hubby lights candles and Jason talks about wanting the space where Mary wants to deliver the baby. He says it will be stressful and painful.

Mountain Men - Mary Hawk in labor

Jason Hawk is a good husband on Mountain Men, as he tends to Mary’s every need He gets the wood stove going because the newborn baby has to stay warm. The show says a newborn baby will lose body heat four times faster than an adult.  Jason want’s to keep the hogan at eighty degrees.

Jason and Mary Hawk’s Hogan

The hogan, built by Jason Hawk, for Mary to give birth to their baby. It’s a traditional Navajo dwelling made of wood packed with mud. Many fans of the show can’t believe Mary wants to give birth in the wood and dirt shack instead of inside their home.

Mary Hawk worries about Maria the midwife coming too late. She says Jason may have to catch the baby if the midwife doesn’t come soon. Jason starts water boiling in a big pot outside over an open flame. The midwife still isn’t there.

Jason Hawk walks his wife, Mary, out to the hogan on Mountain Men. Her contractions are just three minutes apart. They make it inside while she groans in pain. Jason wants her as comfortable as possible and hopes the midwife shows up in time for the birth. He says it shouldn’t be too long.

He admits he feels helpless and Jason Hawk encourages his wife. Jason has water boiling outside and Mary’s water breaks. She calls out to Jason and tells him what happened.

Watch this video about the hogan Jason built:

Next week’s episode on the History Channel will show Mary Hawk giving birth in the hogan Jason built just for the baby’s delivery.


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