‘Mountain Men’ S7 E3: Morgan Beasley Builds a Quinzee in Alaska

Mountain Men Season 7 Episode 3 includes Morgan Beasley in the Great Alaska Range, it’s winter for the Mountain Men up north. It’s 30 below zero, and Morgan Beasley is ready to start his flight training. He’s not flown in ice before even though he and Margaret both have pilot’s licenses.

Morgan Beasley’s chilling life lesson

On the History Channel’s Mountain Men, Morgan Beasley, has a walk of six miles to meet the flight instructor for extreme flying lessons. Margaret will also get lessons later. Morgan Beasley must set up overnight shelter since he can’t make it home and back in the same day.

Morgan Beasley is ready to carve out an igloo. You need a special dense snowpack to make it happen. Morgan tests the snow and finds it’s too soft. He decides to make quinzee instead which will keep him warm but takes longer and is less stable.

Quinzee Building 101 on Mountain Men

To make a quinzee, you need drift snow, and the Mountain Men tough guy gets started. It’s life or death if he doesn’t get the shelter done. He stomps out the dimensions and needs to get a giant trench with a big pile of snow in the middle.

It’s almost dark, and Morgan Beasley is inside the quinzee carefully thinning out the walls. It will stay 32 degrees inside, and his body temperature should be enough to keep him safe overnight. He gets it done and moves his gear inside.

Morgan Beasley sets down some candles in the wall and pulls out his dinner. He says he can feel the candle heat. Morgan hopes for a good night’s sleep ahead of his flying lesson tomorrow.

He puts his gear in the middle to not have to excavate part of the space. The hard work keeps Morgan warm in the ridiculously cold temps so he won’t go hypothermic. He has to pack the snow tight so it won’t cave in on him.

Will Morgan Beasley Freeze to Death?

Morgan says if it collapses, he’d probably die. With the domed snow pile up, he’s ready to excavate. Morgan pushes sticks into the quinzee to set the dig depth, so he doesn’t make the walls too thin. With his depth markers set, Morgan is ready to carve.

Back in the Great Alaska Range, Morgan Beasley is still excavating the quinzee while dark approaches. He pulls some of his gear out of the space and pulls the sled out. He shovels out more snow while the sun continues to drop.

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Next time on Mountain Men, we’ll see Henry treeing a bobcat, Morgan getting a flying lesson, and Mary Hawk finally giving birth. Check back with Soap Dirt for more episodes of Mountain Men recaps and updates.